Sunday, August 17, 2008


Not too much to report except that I am meeting with my OB Monday morning to regroup and come up with our plan for the week. He said the baby will definitely arrive this week, we just have to determine when will be best. Interestingly, my aunt called this week to remind me that my grandfather's birthday (the baby's namesake) is Wednesday, August 20. Although he passed away nealry 17 years ago, I have to believe he is still watching over those spirits yet to join the family. Who knows, maybe we were supposed to wait?


johnsonfamily said...

Hope you're holding up ok. I'm sure the anticipation is killing you guys right now. Everything does happen for a reason and I truly believe we have special angels watching over us. Love you guys and am here for ANYTHING you need.


Sabrina said...

thanks for the update. I just returned from our first weekend trip away with both girls and all I could think about was you and your baby! perhaps he will come on Wednesday? that would be cool. I know he's going to be a litte figher, I just know it! sending peaceful and healthy thoughts your way!

jaci said...

Oh Mind! You just need to put your foot down for Wednesday! My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know there are many special angels lining up getting ready to help all of you along the way. You are strong and this little guy is going to be strong! I don't think you ever told me his name? Oh it will be a good surprise on Wed to find out! Call if you need anything! Love ya!