Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

Just another quick post today about a great man that passed away this last week. Colin Taylor was more than a special person in my life as a teen and example to me as an adult. As the father of one of my very best girlfriends then and now, he also saw fit to father me in so many ways through the years. I spent early teen years working as a waitress at his BBQ and hayride, Blue Sage. He'd pick me up in his blue truck and we'd make the 45 minute journey up the canyon yapping about any thing we wanted to. He always made me feel so special, so grown up and so entertained during those drives. He and his angel wife Janet raised an amazing family who have remained good friends over the years. I was just telling Matt that I most value the honesty of our friendships with the Taylors. You can go months without having the chance to see each other and yet with each one of them, especially my dear girlfriend Amy, you can just pick up exactly where you left off. She is truly more like a sister than a friend.

I sincerely regret not staying in closer touch with Colin over the last few years. Especially as his health struggles intensified. I know life is busy, but that feels like such an empty excuse when it's too late to tell someone how much they helped you and how much you love them for it. So don't make my mistake! Call, write, visit that special person...today!

More Adventures

Summer rolls on and so do we (For me, quite literally)! The boys are just wrapping up summer school. They will miss it greatly. I felt guilty enrolling them a few months ago, but lately Preston's been crying and begging me to take him to school on his days off. Instead of having my feelings hurt about the quality of my company, I am going to choose to feel it a great compliment to our decision to keep them learning this summer. I just bought their little uniforms for next year (I did all of their school shopping in 12 minutes...12 minutes!) and they are going to look like proper little men. Fortunately they seem to dig the duds, too.

We went camping a couple of weekends ago with our good friends the May's and their good friends the Pollard's. Although I did wonder what I was doing at nearly nine months pregnant on an air mattress with my three year old, we had a great time. I've included some shots below. You have never seen dirtier kids! They were truly in their glory.

The many, many doctor appointments are still humming right along. They're guessing little man is now almost seven pounds and they are going to let me go another two weeks so we should be able to deliver a tough guy close to eight pounds. At our last cardiology appointment they took us on a tour of the delivery room I will use, complete with a sliding window through which they will immediately pass the baby into ICU. When we got a chance to see the other side of that window and the very tiny babies in there I couldn't help but think what a thug our little guy will look like among his peers. For that, I am grateful.

More soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins

After a series of good appointments the last couple of weeks we got as close to definitive date for our little guy's scheduled debut as anyone is willing to give. Grab your party hats, because it looks like August 14 will be his birthday! Dr. Draper (one of my OBs) said he is impressed with the baby's growth and if his lungs check out as ready to roll during my amniocentesis on August 13, they will deliver him the next day.

Despite all the special arrangements, new hospital and knowing exactly when he'll arrive, Dr. Draper is trying to keep things pretty normal for us. He said I could have my doula Carrie there and do a regular delivery because he anticipates our little guy will come very quickly due to my history of short (and then even shorter) labor. If I can pull off another natural birth it means I will be able to be taken over to Primary's to meet my son hours sooner than if I do the drug thing -- now that's true motivation!

It's crazy to know that this whole dream-like scenario is about to coming crashing through the door to reality. There has been a surreal peace that has surrounded all the hoopla this pregnancy has brought on--I hope I can maintain that feeling of calm once our guy is here.

I have to give a big thanks to everyone, especially my little sis and bride-to-be Aly, who has pulled through on the babysitting end of things for us. (Her help may even just earn her forgiveness for asking me to stand in the heat of an outdoor August wedding in a black dress/tent as her bridesmaid on the last weekend of my pregnancy :)) My boys think everyday is a party and have been sheltered (as I hoped they could be) from much of the stress of the situation because of your love and willingness to step in and make things as normal for them as possible. Many, many thanks to doting grandparents as well. We are so fortunate to have great moms and dads who go out of their way to make sure we're alright. We could not imagine trying to do this alone.

Matt and I spent last weekend in San Francisco for one last getaway. Matt had a conference and I tagged along. Between the wharf, Chinatown, the vineyards and downtown shopping adventures it was so nice to walk together, laugh together, and truly enjoy each other's company--just the two of us. Although I was certain I was in love before the trip, it is now confirmed. Matt is still the guy for me and will be forever. It's awesome to know those feelings that started 15 years ago are still there and stronger than ever. Here are pics of a beautiful vineyard in Sonoma and the amazing flowers of Lombard Street.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Answered Prayers

In my last post I mentioned wishing we could see more of our baby-to-be during our ultrasounds. Last Thursday marked the first in my series of weekly non-stress tests. Basically, I go in for a quick ultrasound so they can measure fluid levels and the little guy's growth and that's followed by 30-45 minutes of charting his heartbeat. The ultrasound tech was great saying, "Let me get what I need and then we'll have some fun." She took all the measurements and then spent 5-10 minutes just showing me what he looks like. It was wonderful. Our 4.5-pound-and-growing little one looked into the monitor and with tiny fists clenched underneath his chin stared straight ahead and blinked at us over and over again. It was the most amazing thing to see him "interacting"! I came home with a stack of pics she snapped of him with eyes opened and closed. I really needed to remember that I am having a whole baby, not just a heart :)!