Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

Just another quick post today about a great man that passed away this last week. Colin Taylor was more than a special person in my life as a teen and example to me as an adult. As the father of one of my very best girlfriends then and now, he also saw fit to father me in so many ways through the years. I spent early teen years working as a waitress at his BBQ and hayride, Blue Sage. He'd pick me up in his blue truck and we'd make the 45 minute journey up the canyon yapping about any thing we wanted to. He always made me feel so special, so grown up and so entertained during those drives. He and his angel wife Janet raised an amazing family who have remained good friends over the years. I was just telling Matt that I most value the honesty of our friendships with the Taylors. You can go months without having the chance to see each other and yet with each one of them, especially my dear girlfriend Amy, you can just pick up exactly where you left off. She is truly more like a sister than a friend.

I sincerely regret not staying in closer touch with Colin over the last few years. Especially as his health struggles intensified. I know life is busy, but that feels like such an empty excuse when it's too late to tell someone how much they helped you and how much you love them for it. So don't make my mistake! Call, write, visit that special person...today!

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