Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Adventures

Summer rolls on and so do we (For me, quite literally)! The boys are just wrapping up summer school. They will miss it greatly. I felt guilty enrolling them a few months ago, but lately Preston's been crying and begging me to take him to school on his days off. Instead of having my feelings hurt about the quality of my company, I am going to choose to feel it a great compliment to our decision to keep them learning this summer. I just bought their little uniforms for next year (I did all of their school shopping in 12 minutes...12 minutes!) and they are going to look like proper little men. Fortunately they seem to dig the duds, too.

We went camping a couple of weekends ago with our good friends the May's and their good friends the Pollard's. Although I did wonder what I was doing at nearly nine months pregnant on an air mattress with my three year old, we had a great time. I've included some shots below. You have never seen dirtier kids! They were truly in their glory.

The many, many doctor appointments are still humming right along. They're guessing little man is now almost seven pounds and they are going to let me go another two weeks so we should be able to deliver a tough guy close to eight pounds. At our last cardiology appointment they took us on a tour of the delivery room I will use, complete with a sliding window through which they will immediately pass the baby into ICU. When we got a chance to see the other side of that window and the very tiny babies in there I couldn't help but think what a thug our little guy will look like among his peers. For that, I am grateful.

More soon!

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