Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mama, I'm Coming Home

Mr. McKay is scheduled to come home tomorrow! Today was full of activities. They put him and us through a number of minor tests to make sure McKay is able to come home and that we are able to take care of him by ourselves.

First, the day began with a car seat test for McKay, which he past with flying colors. McKay must be able to sit in his car seat and keep his oxygen levels stable in order to come home. Then, Mindi and I attended an infant CPR class. The class involved an inflatable "mini-baby" and we had to practice CPR in front of the nurses to make sure we were doing it right. As a special bonus, we get to bring home "mini-baby," so if any of you need practice, let us know.

After that, we had to demonstrate that we were able to hook up his portable heart rate monitor. Not everyone in the NICU was too pleased as we kept setting off the alarm trying to figure out how to attach it to McKay.

Tonight, Mindi was asked to stay the night with McKay. This is his (and ours) final test. They disconnected the monitors and have Mindi taking care of him and feeding him on her own all night.

Overall, it was a great day. McKay loves to be held and, like his brothers, likes to eat. We anticipate him being discharged tomorrow from the ICU.

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Angi said...

Matt and Mindi-We have loved reading about your sweet McKay and are soooo thrilled with how well he is doing. Robyne called and told us about him the day after he was born and we've been glued to your blog...checking every day to see how he's doing. He's beautiful (all Mckay's are) and it has been so special to go back and read everything about him and his two big brothers. We love the both of you and are truly praying for your little family. Love, The McGraths

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us all updated through your blog! You will continue to be in our prayers and thoughts as you bring McKay home and adjust to taking care of him--you are doing a great job!! Love, Wylie

WhitneyLou said...

I am so happy for your family and McKay! It is such a blessing that he has been so strong through all this!

heidivee said...

I am picturing you guys just all snuggled up with McKay at home in on this grey, windy day. We are so happy that he is doing so well. What a little champ with a great fighting, positive attitude. He takes after you guys for sure! Best wishes in the next few weeks to come!!

Anonymous said...

Matt and Mindi,
We are so happy that McKay is coming home!!!! He is so blessed to have such great parents and brothers to love and care for him.
Thank you for changing the format so we could comment....We have loved knowing the progress of McKay. Hope you have felt all our love and prayers in his behalf. Can't wait to see him! Love, Aunt Robyne

Anonymous said...

Matt & Mindi We are so excited for you. The joy of being a family!!
There's no better felling!! You guys will be great at all the medical stuff going on. McKay is so blessed to have such great parents. Love you lots!!!!
Randy & MaryAnn