Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Packed Bags and Polished Toes

I think the last unofficial stage of pregnancy is a pedicure...don't you? I mean it's always nice to have great looking feet, but never does it seem more critical than on the delivery table. Come on girls...you know exactly what I'm talking about. So as of 2pm today, my French pedi is complete and my bags are packed (again). I am truly excited to have this little guy. Although I feel nervous about all that's to come in the next few days and weeks, I feel we are truly ready and willing to face it.

I put a call into the fetal heart coordinator at Primary's on my way home from the spa this afternoon and asked her to walk me through everything one more time. Where will our baby be and when? What will the doctors be doing? Why do they do that? When can I see him? When can his brothers meet him? She was so patient and kind, I felt at peace again that he is in the best hands we could ever provide him.

So many unusual things have happened over the last week and I've had to confront so many emotions I didn't plan on dealing with that I think our mini-delay may have been a very healthy experience. I hope I can learn sooner than later that God's clock is most definitely not my own. (That's a really hard one for me!) Last Thursday I received an email from a woman in Maryland who stumbled onto our blog and shared the story of her now six and a half year old son and his experience through all the operations associated with DILV (and the overwhelming and amazing story of how he battled Leukemia between surgeries--Can you believe there are such amazing people out there dealing with things like this when sometimes the most pressing thing in my day is whether or not my boys will take a nap or not?). She sent pics of him playing at the beach and ascending a climbing wall...just like a normal kid. It meant the world to have such a positive glimpse forward. That makes just two families we've found with the same diagnosis -- one in Boston, the other in Maryland. What gifts they are to us.

Isn't it amazing how the Lord connects people? We feel so encouraged by these families and the positive juju they share. If I've learned anything at what is the beginning of this experience with our special little man, I have learned that the big picture is all that matters. And although I love to manage the details, they are just details. So think big! Pray big! Thank big! And big hugs from all of us to you.


Christina said...

I think you are right about the pedicure (I did that before my last two babies also!).
Good luck tomorrow, what a special day and date for your family. I will be thinking of you hoping for the best (like you get to hold him before they transfer him to Primary's)!

Hugs and Prayers,
Jacob's momma

jaci said...

We love you guys! We are rooting and praying for all of you! You are so strong! Let us know as soon as you can what is happening!

The Langheinrich's
Your toes ARE so important! I'm sure you look glam!