Friday, August 22, 2008

Earl is the MAN!

Just can't sleep until I share a small victory. Matt and I decided about 10:30 tonight to walk over one last time to the NICU and give McKay some goodnight loves before his big day. When we arrived, his night nurse, Earl, was there to greet us and had a portable scale close by. He said he was hoping we'd swing by because he was planning to weigh McKay and he thought we'd like to be there for that. When I said I was excited to see him do that he told me he had even bigger plans for the night. He called over another nurse and after ten minutes they figured out a way to wrap up all of McKay's tubes and monitors and laid him carefully in my arms. I got to hold my baby!

Although it only lasted 20 minutes, it resulted in about an hour's worth of work afterward for Earl to straighten out all of the cords and leads we tangled in the process. What an unexpected gift to feel the weight of my baby in my arms and smell that sweet baby smell! I left a big lipstick kiss on Earl's cheek tonight. He gave me an experience that may get me through the next couple of weeks. Thank you Earl!


jaci said...

Oh that is so wonderful! I'm so glad you got to hold him! Earl is awesome!
Praying and thinking of you! Keep us posted!
Love, Jaci

kto1s said...

Oh Mindi--brings tears to my eyes! What a special moment--thank you so much for sharing and keeping us updated. NICU nurses are seriously the best

WhitneyLou said...

I am so happy you had the chance to hold him. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Aimee said...

Jenny sent me your blog link. Your son is so darling! We will pray for your family in the coming days and weeks. If you are interested, on my blog I have a link called, "Aubree's diagnosis." It is my journal entry from our time at Primary Children's with her brain tumor and the lessons we learned. My blog is:

Hang in there!!

Amy said...

What a beautiful baby! Oh, the things we take for granted. You guys are wonderful. Thank you for keeping us all updated. We are praying for you all. Amy Soffe

Emily said...

Matt and Mindi-
Our thoughts and prayers are with you today as McKay has his 1st surgery. I love seeing the pictures. It makes it feel like I am right there with you all! Thanks for being diligent in your posts:o)-- We love you all and will be anxious to hear updates as they come.
Love you!
Cousin Em

Brennan said...

Matt and Mindi our prayers are with you and Mckay for his first surgery! We think about you everyday. Let us know if there is anything you need. Love Shane and Brittany

Posh Frippery said...

Hey sweet Cox Family...Lizanne Pepper stopped by my store yesterday and gave me your blog info. WOW, what a huge real life you guys are having right now. I am thinking of you all and looking forward to the day I get to see all three of your darling boys playing together outside the hospital. Much love, Wendi Christensen Bench