Friday, August 29, 2008

Did you bring your car seat today?

"Did you bring your car seat today?" Have you ever heard a more beautiful sentence?! Those were the first words our nurse, sweet Earl, spoke to us this morning. As my mind try to sort through the question and my heart swung like a pendulum between feeling terrified and overjoyed, I managed to blurt out, "No. Why? Are we going home?"

Earl then explained to me that cardiology signed off on McKay this morning, told Earl to remove the feeding tube and let McKay eat when and how much he wants. As long as that goes well through Saturday, we are all set to be discharged on Sunday!!!!

Our babe looked so out of place in the ICU today I almost felt guilty. I pulled the curtains around his bed space and spent the afternoon cuddling and feeding him. Finally, all the tubes are off save one precautionary IV start in his tiny hand. He is on his way to looking and living like a healthy baby.

Of course behind the scenes there will be reminders that his tiny body is anything but run of the mill. We were trained on a cardiac apnea machine today that will monitor McKay's heart rate and breathing while he sleeps. We will take a CPR class tomorrow and receive our schedule of follow up appointments. All small changes we can learn to live with.

We have learned not to get too excited because plans can change at the hospital, but it's hard not to put hope in the belief that our baby will be coming home this weekend. If anyone can make it happen, it's McKay. He is an amazing little miracle who has exceeded everyone's expectations. Here's to preparing for a happy homecoming!


Kimi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy you might get to enjoy this little at home, when you get to decide when to hold him, change him, feed him. It is the best feeling ever. Did he have to do the car seat test?

brees said...

YEAH! We are so excited for you and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you, we would love to have Ty and Preston over anytime! Brooke Rees

Ryan said...

Fabulous! What an awesome little fighter you have. When you are home, please call if you need anything!
The Peppers

Emily said...

Matt and Mindi-
Congrats on the great news! I can't believe how well he has done...what a blessing! My family wants to send their love as well. We were together this weekend and all of them told me that they have tried to make a comment on your blog but because they don't have a gmail doesn't work.? Anyway, they all send their love and check your blog daily for updates. We are just so happy that little McKay is doing so well. Once again, we love you and would love to help in any way that we can.
Take care--we'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Em

Angi said...

Matt and Mindi-We have loved reading about your sweet McKay and are soooo thrilled with how well he is doing. Robyne called and told us about him the day after he was born and we've been glued to your blog...checking every day to see how he's doing. He's beautiful (all Mckay's are) and it has been so special to go back and read everything about him and his two big brothers. We love the both of you and are truly praying for your little family. Love, The McGraths