Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day of Rest for McKay

Today was a great day for McKay. It was his first day without any major procedure and so he had a chance to rest. When we arrived at the hospital today, McKay was wrapped in a blanket and looked so peaceful. Mindi actually had the opportunity to hold him for awhile. We also got to hear McKay really cry for the first time today, as his throat seems to be feeling much better.
McKay continues to improve each day. We are so amazed at his progress. He has progressed so much that they moved him to another room and has now been "downgraded" and is sharing a nurse with another baby in the ICU.
McKay's brothers visited him again and brought their usual trail of chaos. Preston ended up with an ice pack as a result of some Kung Fu moves he did trying to impress McKay's nurse. Needless to say he got her attention.
Thanks for all your comments, interest, and prayers, they have truly been uplifting.


Marshelle said...

You are a true beauty and what a smile with all you've been through. What a beautiful baby and we are so glad to hear things are progressing! Thanks for sharing the pictures and thoughts. Keep up the great work and McKay...you are a champ! Love, Marshelle

jaci said...

Such great pictures! Did you just really have a baby? Really?? Oh you look great and little McKay..that is total Tyler look-a-like! So cute! I can't wait to meet him tomorrow!
Love ya,

Kimi said...

Wow, Mindy, you are absolutely looking wonderful! Those are such precious pictures and I love hearing McKay doing so well.

kto1s said...

That is quite a first week of life, don't you think?!? I'm so relieved that he continues to progress in the right direction. You are amazing to let us stay posted--know how much we are pulling and praying for you.

And Mindi--you are one HOT mama! Holy Smokes!!