Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go with the Flow

McKay is such a trooper. Carpool. Music class. Soccer games. The poor thing gets moved mid-nap from dreamland to car seat and back again without complaint. Is this the fate of a third child? I remember cancelling appointments and waiting for hours when Ty slept. Who would mess with a sleeping babe? Not so for our latest addition~he's just expected to hit the ground running. What a sport.

His biggest outings this week have been to meet his cheerleaders at our workplaces. We are surrounded by such GOOD people. I am just in awe of the great vibes we feel from so many. Thank you. Thank you.

Sadly McKay has outgrown his bucket baths and has graduated to the tub. He LOVES his baths and would lay there for hours if we let him. Maybe he'll be a swimmer...that's a nice, non-contact sport. (Again, no scar down the middle of his chest for now because they did a thoracotomy for his first surgery. The scar from that surgery runs from under his right arm to the middle of his back -- I'll have to get a pic posted. This is proving very confusing to some!)

The cardiologist called today and moved up McKay's next appointment a couple of weeks. She said considering his growth she'd like to see him sooner than later. But she was careful to let me know that does not necessarily mean that his next surgery will be any sooner than his three month mark. She said they usually do all they can to hold of the Glenn until at least three months. She did say she expects his surgery will be very near that three-month mark, but we'll just have to wait and see.

If you were to ask me right now what I want to do, I'd say let's get it over with. I am done with the oxygen thing. I want so much to just pick my baby up and walk across the room without having to wheel an awkward and ugly oxygen tank behind us. I want to cradle him on my hip and struggle to cook dinner with one hand while I kiss his tiny, sweet head. Right now, I can't do that because we get tangled up and I give the poor guy whiplash every time I step on his cord. Hopefully the Glenn will free us!

All in all, our struggles are SO minor compared to what other families go through with their heart kids. Please don't mistake my rant as a real or valid complaint -- we'll take our lot and be grateful. Most of all I think I just want the world to see his tiny face as I do twice a day when I dress him--free and clear and so adorable.

I have to brag on Preston for just a moment. My bright-eyed, spirited three year old is not only reading along with his 5 year old brother, but sat down and wrote his name yesterday. (It's not perfect, but it is intelligible.) I was shocked. What a little egghead. Love it!


brees said...

Way to go Preston, your boys are so smart and sssooo funny, they crack me up! I am glad little McKay is making progress, I can see how the oxygen thing would get annoying. But he is so cute, I'm glad that he is growing so well! Still thinking of you.......

Earl said...

I got an update from Chris on how well McKay is doing I can't belive how big he is now

Kimi said...

That is an amazing picture! I love it.

Sabrina said...

What a beautiful, beautiful black and white of the two of you Mindi...and your newest post of McKay brought tears to my eyes. You can see what a sport he is! I'm telling a very short time those annoying tubes will be a thing of a past and you and your husband will marvel when you look at your big healthy boy and think, 'wow, did he really go through all that?'