Friday, October 17, 2008

Beautiful Day, Bad News

The call I had hoped to avoid today came in about 11:15 this morning. I knew by the way the doc said hello it was not news we wanted. McKay will visit Primary's again on Monday for a blood transfusion in order to raise his hematocrit level. Simply put, the infusion should give McKay enough red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently throughout his body. Interestingly enough, depending on how little Mac's body responds to the infusion, this procedure may tide McKay over long enough to delay his Glenn by several weeks, even months. So once again all that was roughly planned is effectively scrapped and we'll wait for a new timeline to emerge.

Despite the surprises McKay manages to make life seem sweeter with a good dose of chubby-cheeked smiles.


Jenny said...

I can't even begin to imagine what your days (and nights) must be like. I have learned that the best way to survive is to put your trust in the Lord and know it is out of your hands. He does have a plan. We continue to pray for you! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mindy my Name is Jackie Powell I'm Brittney Brennon's cousin she gave me your blog address Just now.
although I did go through what you are my husband and I have been in your place.
Last Year when our daughter Savannah was 9 day's old she was diagnosed with the Entrovirus and Myocarditis, she was in Heart failure for almost five month's.
We spent many many week's in the PICU at Primary children Hospital with our daughter on life support.
Although your going through something far different I Just would like you to know that if you ever need to talk please let me know, and if you aren't already please Join the group Inter mountain healing heart they are a foundation and support group for family's of children with Heart problems.
There website is and I too have a blog with my story it is
know that your family and son will be in our prayers.

Sabrina said...

Oh Mindi, all I can say is despite these hurtles your McKay looks so darn good! and he doesn't look blue at all considering his sats...and his growth, well let's just say he's closing in on Lu who I'm not quite sure, but I think she's near the 16 lb mark. What does the blood transfusion entail? You know, Luna has had two's true 'new' blood pumped into their bodies significantly raises the oxygen count. I'll tell and McKay have prompted me to donate blood asap.
Find sometime for yourself...I think you need to indulge in the biggest bowl of icecream you can find:)
Sending healthy prayers to McKay,
love, Sabrina & Lu

Michele said...

So maybe we still will be at PCMC together after all huh? We have been given the 'a few more weeks/months plan' as well. So sorry to hear the news that you will have to have the transfusion. I have learned that our little 'sweethearts' are on their own time plan and that we are the ones that are along for the ride, to learn what we can from them. Good luck on Monday!