Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watch Me Grow

Another check up yesterday and another milestone: 11 pounds 2 ounces. With his luscious locks, I wonder how much of that is hair? Crazy hairdo and all, that makes over one pound gained in just the last 11 days. At this rate he'll double his birth weight at exactly three months of age--just in time for his Glenn surgery. The only feeding issue with this heart baby is concern over whether or not I can keep up with him!

Of course weight isn't the only thing that will determine when McKay is ready for the Glenn. He'll go in for a more extensive cardiology follow up next week. Cross your fingers for us. Sometimes they require kids to get a heart catheterization prior to the Glenn so they can really check out what's going on with the heart's flow, pressures, etc. I'd prefer to skip on it if we can just because it gives me the willies to think of them threading the catheter through Mac's tiny arteries. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but still...

Tiny Mac enjoyed a luxury last Monday night normally reserved for firstborns -- a baby shower! Matt's darling family believes strongly that every baby deserves to be celebrated and the more children you have, the more you need a shower! Amen to that. McKay was showered along with his second cousin, Trayson, who was born just two days before. They are all outfitted with new clothes, blankets and a stash intended for new strollers and high chairs. Did I say hallelujah? I meant to.

Matt's Aunt Susan gave a special prayer that night and thanked the Lord for sending these beautiful babies into a family where there is so much love. I have thought about that over and over since she said it because it is so true. I believe in the power of love and touch and all around good juju when it comes to healing. And if that's all the medicine I can offer our little miracle I think he'll be in danger of an overdose. Our friends, our neighbors, our family --truly the outpouring of love has been amazing. I thank God for sending Mac our way where we can offer him the people in our life, he can feel of their power, heal and grow.


kto1s said...

Look at that hair! Awesome! Sending our good thoughts and prayers your way as you prepare for the next big hurdle. Simply amazed at your faith, courage and willingness to share it with all of us. love you!

Likes Chocolate said...

He is scrumptous ? (spelling). Anyway, that is wonderful news that he is doing so well. We will continue to keep him in our prayers, and you as well.

Kristi said...

I wish I could transplant that hair onto Kate. Poor girl.

Our prayers are with you on your upcoming hurdle. I'm sure your little heavyweight will continue to astound.