Friday, October 10, 2008

Take One for the Team

Our doctors have let us know that McKay should absolutely avoid contact with anyone who has not received the flu vaccine this year. So if you plan to visit with our little guy this winter we encourage (require is the word our doctor uses) you to get a shot for Tiny Mac. When you consider McKay will shell out $2K a piece for a series of three SYNAGIS shots to avoid RSV, can you really complain about the $15 or $20 bucks one little flu shot will cost you? We will even add your name to the blog in a column on the right. I know you want to make the list!


Ryan said...

Mindi -
I am so glad to hear that McKay is getting the SYNAGIS series. RSV is nasty. It shut Scott down last Winter and we are still dealing with the effects. I have heard that because last Winter was so bad, it may be a lighter season. Who knows? You can place the entire Pepper family on your list. We all had to get one for Scott. Let's just cross our fingers that it will be a better season!

jaci said...

Kaden and Wes are getting their shot tomorrow, so they are on McKay'd team! Kraig and I should be brave and get ours at the same time, but I'm a baby..but I will get one for McKay!
Can I have his hair?! Seriously! WOW
They wanted Myles to get the SYNAGIS after he got out of the NICU, wow they put a price on that puppy! Huh! Totally worth it!

brees said...

I got a shot today at work! YEAH, count me in!!

jaci said...

Count Kraig and Jaci in! We love you guys!

WhitneyLou said...

Johanna, Kipley and Whitney all got our shots yesterday, so eventually we can come see McKay. I am so glad to hear how happy and well you are all doing.

brees said...

Jackson got a shot for tiny Mac today! Abbey chickened out but we are going to try again!!