Saturday, September 27, 2008

Straight Up Thug

10 pounds 1 ounce. Let me say it again. McKay is now10 pounds 1 ounce. Official thug weight for the 5-week crowd. At another quality check up tonight his pediatrician says his growth is "awesome" and after checking his now waining sats, he'll give his cardiologists a call and let them know how quickly he's progressing. He said he'd love to see McKay have his Glenn before RSV season starts in November. Me? Not so much. November seems awfully soon and my sweet babe will barely reach three months old by Thanksgiving. This all seems to be happening really fast.

I cannot dispute that McKay is clearly outgrowing his temporary fix. His lungs are working visibly harder, his oxygen levels are dipping progressively lower, and we're having to give him little boosts of higher oxygen concentrations from time to time to bring him into a more acceptable range. Tiny purple feet and cold hands tell us he's going to need more gas soon. Who signed up for this anyway??

We are blessing McKay in church tomorrow and I feel like the timing could not be better to ask for some special strength from above. If not for McKay, then for Matt and me. This child gives us both moments where we are in more than a little over our heads. This has and will continue to be a journey of faith for us. We are learning to lean on others, our faith, and each other more so and harder than we've ever needed to before. Having to trust the judgement of others with the life of your child, having to trust your instincts in a foreign situation, having to say "Thy will," and mean it's been an amazingly humbling experience. We are forever changed as people, as a couple, as a family.

Good news from Boston -- Luna's Glenn surgery was uneventful (if open heart surgery on your six month old is ever uneventful) and successful. Sweet Lu and her family are such special people. We send all the love and positive juju we can muster to them tonight as Luna continues to recover and her mother searches out ways to pass the time until she's on her way home, angel in tow, for a good long break from surgeries and consent forms.

Please say a prayer that our baby boy will stay little for just a while longer...


Emily said...

Mindi (and Matt)

This is Emily (from high school, jr high, and elementary - WOW). My sister is good friends with Jessica, and she told me about your new little baby and the situation with his heart. So, I've become a blog lurker and I checked out your blog. It sounds like you've had a crazy month, but it looks like your little boy is a fighter. One of my best friends has two little girls with pacemakers, so I am kind of up-to-date with the heart "lingo." Anyway...I've just been thinking of you guys these past couple of days and wanted to let you know. Good luck (I hate that saying! It should be "Good Blessings," or "Good Faith" or something like that because very little of it is luck.) Your other two boys are simply adorable as well. And you look amazing by the way!

Kimi said...

I just wanted to tell you I loved the blessing today. What a beautiful day for you guys. Also, your testimony was just so sweet and heartfelt, thanks for sharing with us.