Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

McKay will be two weeks old at 2:29 pm today. Really, two weeks? The days and weeks have melted together into a soup of fear, surreal peace, and thanksgiving. McKay is an old soul who has changed the mood of our home and evokes a quiet awe from his brothers. (And to evoke a quiet anything from those two is quite a feat!) I find myself being the obnoxious mom who not only accepts compliments on what a beautiful baby he is but adds to them. I'm sure one day I will have to temper my enthusiasm for this little one (at least to strangers), but for now I'm one proud momma.

McKay made his first visit to the pediatrician's office yesterday and weighed in at an impressive 7 lbs 4 oz. The doctor was more than impressed that he had been able to maintain weight. I am so glad eating did not become the sticking point for McKay that it is for so many heart babies. We will go in for weekly weigh ins for the next little while to make sure he's maintaining his energy for and interest in eating. Honestly, he's got good genes for that sort of thing so we don't expect it to become a problem :).

McKay is teaching us to live in and appreciate the present. So although two weeks is an odd milestone to celebrate, we'll use any excuse to be thankful for our time with him. Many thanks and hugs to you that have showered us with support. You give us many reasons to celebrate as well.


Sheri said...

What a cute family I have. I get my stength from both of you.
I love you.

Melanie Watson said...

Congratulations - I am so glad McKay is home. I have been following your blog and have cried and cheered along with you. Glad all is well and I hope and pray it will continue to be so.


jaci said...

It was so great to see McKay! What a doll he is! Cookie Cutter that's for sure! You are such a wonderful mom! I'm so lucky to have you in my life. You teach me so much! I love ya!

Kristi said...

Yea McKay! Happy 2 weeks!

Tawnia Allen said...

Hi Mindi, I sent you a e-mail at Tanner's. Shauna Raso gave me your blog address:) I love it! Your family is so adorable! And I am so happy to see how well baby McKay is doing! Little Angel he is! I added you to my friend list on my blog page. I hope your ok with that. And I hope you add me:) Take care! I look forward to seeing more updated postings of your cute little family!

Likes Chocolate said...

Welcome McKay to the world and the things that await you. We are so glad that you are home. Our family will keep you in our prayers as you go along your journey. Roman is excited for you because you share two things in common. The first is that you are both CHD children though we all wish that there were no CHD babies, and two your first name is his middle name.

Kimi said...

What cute pictures! Two weeks is a great milestone! I say celebrate them all!