Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Another check up tonight for our little giant. McKay is weighing in at an amazing 8 pounds 11 ounces. And as happy as we are about it, his progress left his pediatrician speechless. Apparently heart babies "typically don't grow like this." He'll soon learn as we have that McKay is far from typical in many, many ways. Happy Four Weeks Old Tiny Mac! We are so unbelievably proud of you.

Life has felt a bit chaotic lately, but I think we're starting to get our groove on. The doctor advised us that while McKay is looking great we'll need to keep a close eye on his sats and make sure the progress continues. When I asked about getting McKay on a more predictable eating schedule, he said right now McKay needs to eat when he wants. When I asked about getting his sleeping schedule on track (meaning letting me sleep a bit more) he said we need to be careful about letting McKay cry. Crying is a pretty intense event for infants and the effects are exaggerated in heart kids. So for now we're to raise a pretty spoiled kid and feel good about it. That's quite a switch from the advice I got with my first two boys--poor things! I would agree, though, that if a spoiled baby is the worse thing we're left with at the end of this roller coaster ride, I'll call it a success.

The boys continue to be amazing with McKay and the babe is in love with his Daddy. They have some sort of secret tongue clicking language they use to share their secrets. It's actually quite cool to watch Matt click at McKay and hear him click back. And to top it all off, McKay won't do it for anyone else--Dad is so proud.

We're getting better at moving around with McKay's oxygen tubes. Preston even helps McKay take off his oxygen when it's bothering him...not good. I discovered him very carefully removing McKay's cannula a few days ago. He told me his baby didn't like it so he took it off, "Okay Mom?" No. Not okay. But dang cute. These boys were meant to be together.

We are encouraged by McKay's progress and proud of his brothers. Thanks again for your love, support and prayers. We ask that you please remember Matt's second cousin Cassie and her new baby Cooper in your prayers. He was born with a Hypoplastic heart on Sunday and will have his Norwood surgery on Wednesday. It's hard to know something about what they are about to go through and feel helpless to spare them from it. I'm sure that's how our Heavenly Father feels about the experiences He gives us from time to time. And just as it is hard for little McKay and Cooper to understand what's happening to them and why, sometimes it is our trials that come to save us, make us stronger, and prepare us for the better life that is to come.


heidivee said...

What sweet boys you have. I can't believe how Mac is growing...that is just amazing. It is so interesting that little Cooper has a heart defect too. Thanks for keeping us posted and for sharing your testimony and your positive attitude with us.

Tawnia Allen said...

What a sweet little Angel! All your boys! Hope to hear from you soon:)

Jenny said...

You take the most amazing pictures! I need to know your secret. Thanks for keeping us updated on McKay. You are in our prayers daily.

Likes Chocolate said...

Yes, even after a year post surgery our son is pretty spoiled. Congratulations on him doing so well. What a miracle!!

jaci said...

Nothing wrong with a little spoiling! He deserves it! I hope you are doing good. I've been meaning to call, we need to go to dinner next week sometime. You pick the day and we will do it. YOu have such darling boys, and you are darling too!
Love, Jaci

Anonymous said...

Mindi you are amazing and so is that little McKay. I have been reading your blog and keeping updated on the progress. I am so happy to see things progressing and I love seeing and hearing the stories of McKay's older brothers taking good care of him. I think of you often and I pray for you and your family daily. I love you and am so amazed by all you do and all you accomplish. I do not want to be over bearing but I want you to know I am here from you. If there is anything that I can do to help please let me know. I saw Phil the other day and he is so proud of you guys and genuinely loves you and that new little babe. We love you and our thoughts are with you.

Kimi said...