Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Run Away!

Just a note to encourage myself...I started running again this morning. Wow. Did I really used to run 25-30 miles a week and think nothing of it? It's going to be a long road back. My great friend Lindsay made it easier on me by lending me an awesome jogging stroller. I think I just need new shoes to have enough fabulous equipment to make me feel guilty if I don't go...is that a valid strategy? If you have any suggestions for new running music, send them my way. I need some good tunes to move my booty along so I can lose it!

By the way, little Mac is the perfect running companion. He doesn't ask for gummies every 30 seconds and never once taunted me by saying, "When are you going to go fast mom?" What an angel.


brees said...

You have got to stop, you are making me look really bad! Everytime I see you hauling up the hil I think, man, I should be out there with her. Then I go back to whatever I was doing, HA! You look great. Glad your boys are doing great also!! We would love to get together too!

jaci said...

You kill me! You go girl! I knew it wouldn't take you long before your got that itch! Where is the itch for me? i wish you lived closer so you could be my motivation! i just love you, and I loved the email! This week is looking bad for dinner, maybe next? let me know.

Jenny said...

You have too much energy! I know what life is like with a newborn and you have even more to deal with! Exercise is killing me but I am so wanting to get back into those "skinny" jeans. I am sure you will be there before me! You look great!