Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Monthday!

Riding in the car yesterday I mentioned to Matt that it was McKay's one month birthday. Wow. Could he believe all that had happened in the last month? All we've been through, learned, and celebrated? Could he believe that we have had McKay home for 20 days and could we even imagine life without him now? I was eagerly awaiting Matt's response when he turned to me and said unflinchingly, "It's not technically a birthday. That would be impossible. It's more like the monthly celebration of his birth."

What the heck? Could he understand the bigger picture of this conversation? After I maintained a stare that let him know I didn't think he was being cute or funny and rolled my eyes appropriately, I announced to the boys who were enjoying their new-found freedom in the up-to-now forbidden third row seating that it was McKay's one month BIRTHday and we needed to sing. Preston began to sing and then stopped us all when he noticed Dad was not joining in. "Dad, you need to sing to my baby." Matt turned to me and laughed and we all joined in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to McKay.

Whatever you want to call it, the 20th marked a month of amazing experiences for our family. In addition to McKay's trials and victories, our eyes have been opened to others who are doing all they can through tough circumstances. In the short time since we've been home, one of McKay's three month old PICU buddies received the heart transplant he'd been waiting for and has made amazing progress; others made the joyful journey home, some are still fighting their battles at Primary's and his east coast beauty, Luna, will check in for her Glenn surgery tomorrow. There are so many reasons to thank and still so many reasons to pray. For now we are enjoying the beautiful weather, our morning walks and many firsts. McKay will have another check up this Saturday~we're looking forward to more good news.

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Likes Chocolate said...

Happy Birthday or 1 month birthday that is! Yahoo! Keep growing stronger.