Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Currently: 0 Accident Free Days

Emergency rooms and boys. Boys and emergency rooms. We managed to keep these two magnetic forces apart for exactly 2,280 days since the XY chromosome first made its debut in our parental lives. However, our accident-free record reset itself yesterday.

About 10:20 yesterday morning the school called. It's never good to see the school's name on Caller ID during school hours is it? The principal let me know in a very calm voice that Preston had fallen on the playground and hit his head. I mention her calm demeanor because it was in clear contrast to the scene in her office as I could hear Preston belting out in the background. I let her know I was on my way.

When I arrived, Preston was hunched over on a tiny preschool chair refusing the cold pack the secretary was diligently trying to apply to the back of his head. He looked genuinely relieved to see me and turned up the volume on his sobbing to make sure I knew he was hurt. I loaded him up and we were on our way. We made it about a quarter mile before Preston got a panicked look on his face and threw both hands over his mouth.

I veered spastically off the road and opened the door just in time for Preston to let me know his head injury might be more than just a bump. I flipped an immediate u-turn and sped a few blocks to his pediatrician's office. After unloading McKay and carrying both boys through the blizzard into the office, the triage nurse told me that they would not see Preston and he needed to go to the emergency room. Really? You won't even look at him? Really? And I just agree and walk out the door? I must have been stunned into compliance. (I didn't get heated about this exchange until I thought about it at the end of the day. The nurse didn't even look at Preston. What if he was really, really hurt? Am I truly the best mode of transport to Primary's at that point? Is there NOTHING the 7 doctors that work there are just a tincy bit more qualified than me to assess and treat? Seriously people. Come on.)

After heading back to the school to check Ty out early, back home to grab McKay's supplies, and then to Grandma's house to drop the whole jumbled mess on the lawn, we made it to the hospital. Another THREE HOURS in the waiting room sitting in front of a vending machine with a four year old that last ate half an Eggo more than seven hours ago trying to explain why he cannot eat any M&Ms before he sees the doctor, they finally called his name.

One diagnosis: mild concussion, one dose of Tylenol for his headache, and one red popsicle later all was right with the world.

So there you have it. Our first "emergency". Truth be known, I cannot remember the last time my busy boy let me hold him in my lap for hours on end. I cannot remember the last time when it was just him and me for more than a few minutes at a time. I'm sorry it took a brain-rattling bump to get there, but I've learned to unwrap the gifts regardless of when and where they arrive.


Jenny said...

What a day. At least the weather could have cooperated. That is not the best way to overcome blog-blockness. I would suggest something a little less stressful to write about next time! Glad Preston is okay:).

Aimee said...

What a bummer! Emergency rooms are the pits. I'm glad he is doing okay, though.

Emily said...

So sorry, but so happy that all is well. Poor kid! As loving as an Elementary School Secretary can be, it just doesn't replace Mom. We, too, spent 5+ hours in the Emergency Room last week after Macy had a seizure. We took her to the doctor, and they said the same thing. It makes me kind of wonder why we even have a pediatrician. It seems like we only see him on Well Visits - not when my kids are actually sick. Oh well.

And you are absolutely right - Macy had the time of her life being with her dad ALL ALONE for so many hours. Her reward was ice cream afterward. She was in heaven!

jaci said...

So sorry to hear this Mind! I'm glad Pres is ok! I'm not real big on ANY kind of head injury! I'm sure he liked being alone with his mama for a little while! I would have yelled at the nice nurse! You must have more control than I do! I love ya!

heidivee said...

Oh no! I'm glad he didn't have to have stitches or have a broken bone or anything. I am hoping and praying you don't have accidents that go it "3's" like ours did. Glad he's ok...I think concussions are scary.

wylie said...

Oh Mindi! I'm so sorry you had to end up at the emergency room. Poor you and poor Preston. I bet his head really hurt and I'm sure you felt a bit panicked. Personally I really, really don't like emergency room visits--quite low on my list of things to do in a day. You handled it so well. (We've found that they don't do stitches or staples at the pediatricians office either.)

Lisanne said...

Oh goodness! You need no more drama at your house! Glad to read he is ok!

Marshelle said...

So glad to hear he is ok. If it's not one its another? Thank goodness for red popsicles! Maybe that's what I should be eating to recover from my accident!? Have a great weekend and kiss those cute boys for me!