Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'll admit, trips to the spa have been a hard sell for me over the years. I have never been able to justify spending money in exchange for time away from my family with nothing tangible to show for it in return (except for the polish, of course). I know some who swear by regular rendezvous to these sweet-smelling, dimly-lit establishments. Please don't get me wrong, the few treatments I've received as gifts over the years have been truly lovely, heaven sent really. But it wasn't until my last slide into the slippers that I came to understand the real significance of the spa ritual.

You see, seaweed facials and paraffin-dipped pedicures can be far from selfish. Spa treatments with all their deliciously pampering ways are not solely about escape for all who partake. For me, the real benefit to a half-draped hour in sheets warmed to perfection is about remembering. In my most clear, relaxed moments of body bliss I start remembering all the reasons I choose to put others first most hours of most days. I start remembering all the things that make me truly joyful. I start remembering that despite the roller coaster ride life has put us on in the last year and many to come, I am full of gratitude for the experience. And all that remembering pulls the smile in my heart closer to the surface; right where it belongs.

After my last visit I went home and thanked a supportive husband, kissed the wet heads of freshly bathed kids, and recommitted myself to being a more cheerful, more patient, more grateful wife and mother. And really, isn't that the most fulfilling and unselfish thing any of us can do? (I'm not going to lie--the grapes and cheese plate were strictly for me, however. I love snooty snacks :))

Truth is I haven't been to the spa in months now. But there is this contest. Yes a contest. And though I normally loathe contests, I'm going to throw aside my checkered, non-winning past and hope for the best because this contest is about spa treatments.

Sego Lily Spa has launched a search for an official blogger. In exchange for blogging about a rigorous (ha!), 12-month schedule of spa treatments, Sego Lily is offering, well, a 12-month schedule of spa treatments (strictly for research, of course). Can you even imagine?! I can. And I figured why not me?

So I am officially (and gleefully) throwing my fluffy white robe into the ring on this contest. Feel free to read more about it here and get ready to act. (Apparently spas are true democracies and I'm going to need your vote!)


Hallowsboys said...

Their search should be over..because you are truly thee BEST blogger = writer I have ever come across.

wylie said...

You let us know when and we'll vote!!

Jenny said...

You should win hands down!

Cannon Family said...

i love you! you had better win and i just have to say, Mrs. Chavis would be so proud...girl, you can write!