Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter weekend was truly lovely.

We kicked it off with a good, old-fashioned neighborhood egg hunt. (If you consider a field full of eggs everywhere you look and a "Recycle Eggs Here" box old fashioned.)

Although some found it more exciting than others...

As has become tradition, the hunt is followed by the careful decorating of eggs--
of both the hard-boiled and sugar cookie varieties.

Easter morning brought surprises all its own.

But none better than finally being at church together, as a family, all at once. Thanking Christ for the blessing of our togetherness. We sang, we colored, I rocked a fussy baby to sleep into a heap on my lap where his moist, soft breath wrinkled my pressed, pink Easter blouse and somehow made it perfect. Yes, Easter was truly lovely.


Jenny said...

It was so great to see all of you together at church. That made my day also! I love the boy's matching outfits. So cute!

jaci said...

Love it Mind! The boys look darling! Kiss their faces off for me!

marshelle said...

What darling boys! McKay is growing more and more cute little chub everywhere! Good to see you all having a great time on Easter! Cute picures! Thanks for sharing!

Lisanne said...

Love that your boys match. They always look so cute! Now where did that nice weather go??

wylie said...

YOU GOT TO GO TO CHURCH TOGETHER!!! Hip hip hooray! All together, big sigh of relief, you made it through quarantine =)