Monday, March 30, 2009


Blog blocked. How did this happen? I usually have so much to say, so much in my head, so much it just overflows onto the page. My blog is full of thoughts that have overflowed. Puddles, really. Puddles of truth. Puddles of celebration. Puddles, puddles everywhere.

The past few weeks have been a little, well, puddle-less. I think I’m editing my thoughts. Self-selecting and deciding against sharing all that’s swirling. Maybe things turned too serious in March. Yes, much too serious. Life is truly a rollercoaster and some stretches of track are for shouting, others for holding your breath.

Spring feels like the perfect time to start shouting again. Only this spring is stumbling a bit in its arrival too. One day sunshine, the next a blizzard. Untrustworthy. Unpredictable.

More than any other time in my life I’d like to stop the changing seasons, the passing of time. Today is good. I’m head over heels for my McKay and his seven-month old babbles, smiles and unrestrained want of his mother. I’m his favorite and I not-so-secretly glory in it.

My other boys can taste spring and seeing them navigate their scooters to the park on a Saturday afternoon brings a broad smile to my face for the simple joys that are theirs to revel in at this time of their lives. They have each other and I love watching their friendship deepen.

This is a season for celebrating my boys. They are joy. They are wonder. They are the sunshine in this beautiful season of my life. No matter what happens next, I have done something wonderfully good and important—they are here and the world is better for it.


Lisanne said...

This is the second blog I have read lately where the author is suffering from "blocked blog!" It must be going around :)

Rich and Shelly said...

I hope you don't mind, but I came across your blog while I was looking at a friend's heart baby's blog. My daughter was born about three weeks ago with DILV and pulmonary atresia. It's nice to have a small support group, and read about others that are experiencing the same thing. I've been able to find comfort through your blog. I also have a blog, but it is private. If you would like to see my blog, please email me your email address at, and I can add you to my list. Thanks, Shelly

Likes Chocolate said...

You would never know McKay is a heart baby is is the sweetest chunky monkey I have ever seen. Yes, march was kind of sad. Too many dealth this month. I will be happy for April.