Monday, March 23, 2009

Gotta Getaway

Spring fever. Cabin fever. Whatever it was, it was time to find the cure. We decided to break the semi-permeable bubble we've been in for the last five months and head south for some fun in the sun last weekend. Matt had a conference that made a good excuse to tag along and we were able to rent a condo from a neighbor (so much cleaner than a hotel!), so we were off.

The boys adore St. George. The sun. The swimming. Hiking in the red rocks. Visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Great (that's what they call their great grandparents who live there). We did it all and brought Grandma Di along for the fun, too. It was great to see them basking in the glory of undivided attention. It honestly made me feel very aware and more than a little guilty about the hundreds of times I must say "in just a minute" everyday. Why is it such a battle to live in the present? I guess that's what vacations are made for.

Bursting the bubble came with a price, however. McKay came home with his first case of the sniffles. I didn't feel too bad about it as it seemed completely inevitable to me. After all, we do plan to join the world at some point--foreign germs and all. However, as the week progressed, so did his cold and so did his difficulty breathing. I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday nights up all night--literally-- battling boogies wielding nothing but sheer determination to open airways and a blue bulb syringe. (Cold medicine messes with blood pressure. None for us, thanks.) By Friday I was crying uncle and praying for his heavily humidified room to work a mini miracle. His blue toes and ashen color almost turned Matt's birthday bash into a trip to the emergency room. We told him he had 10 minutes to pink up or we were taking him in. He did. Good boy.

Today he seems to have turned the corner and I feel irrationally proud of his well-fought battle with the common cold. My tough guy did it, just like a regular kid. He's strong and growing and never stopped smiling.

Of course it may have all been an elaborate plot to avoid my plans to Ferberize post-vaca. Honestly, I'm at a point where I don't care if he sleeps through the night. I mostly love our all- hours cuddle sessions and have come to feel like at the rate he's growing, I'll miss something if I don't see him every few hours. What if I'm not brave enough to do this again and his little chubby cheeks are the last baby face of my own? Yes. He's going to be all kinds of spoiled. I'm not apologizing, just warning you. Watch out.

At any rate, we're back. Back to posting. Back to school. Back to waiting out RSV season and hoping Spring will come to stay for good. Back to life. And life is good.


Lisanne said...

I love the "greats" picture at the bottom! I am sorry to hear that McKay got a cold. No fun! We want and need Spring too!

Meredith said...

Mary was a horrible sleeper. Some of my most precious moments with her were the quiet, late night cuddles. When it's your third when else do you have alone time with your baby? Since she turned out to be my last I don't regret (although it's easy to say that now that I sleep through the night:)

wylie said...

HIP HIP HOORAY . . . you got away!! How wonderful to go away to warmer weather and sunshine! I'm sure it was much needed for all of you. You've done such a fabulous job fighting the RSV season. His first cold sounds a bit traumatic; you must have been by him every second and to not have any medications at your disposal. I'm sorry!

ann said...

Ferberizing success is not a badge of mothering success. Feel free not to invoke the Ferber creed.

Michele said...

So glad to hear "our" boy is better. Spring is almost here, so hang in there. Great pictures.

Aimee said...

Mindi, you really are such a great writer! I can't believe how big McKay is getting. Crazy how time flies!

Emily said...

How nice for you! Doesn't St. George in the winter seem like the perfect little Utah Paradise. So happy that McKay got through his cold. I feel so bad for those little babies when there is really not much that you can do to ease their pain. And just so you know, my desire/need to ferberize has happened later and later with each baby. I think after I watched my first ones grow up way too fast right before my eyes, it was easier for me to realize that those middle of the night snuggles are worth every minute of missed sleep. I just keep thinking that I'll sleep when they go to college.

Sabrina said...

ummm...obviously McKay missed the memo that heart babies are supposed to be small and underweight! What a chunk-a-monk!! He reminds me of my heart-healthy Sienna at that age! and now, thinking back...the old wives tale was true-she started finally sleeping once I put her on solids! Maybe that will be the trick for Mac?
hugs and kisses Mac,
Your girl Lu

Jenny said...

Glad you got out. Sorry about the cold but I bet you feel like you conquered something great by getting through it! Here's to more sunshine and less germs ahead!