Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Day

Today was a good day. Actually, I've been blessed with several solidly good days lately. I have begun what will be a sporadic start back to work. Basically they have agreed to tolerate me coming and going as I can in the next few weeks and months. Yes, I know I am blessed. Not only that, but today they pulled together a good size crowd filled with some of the people I admire most in the company to acknowledge my 10 year anniversary with the company. I know~10 years!

When I started Matt and I were newly engaged. What a difference a decade makes, huh? A master's degree, three kids, and two houses later, the only real constant in our whirlwind of establishing a life for ourselves has been my company. They have allowed me to develop and grow parts of me that would have been shelved long ago had it not been for their willingness to take a risk in keeping me around part time. I have been given an amazing opportunity to able to divide two of my passions -- my family and my career-- and stay decently content in the process.

Now that's not to say I don't have meltdowns every now and again where I wonder what the heck I'm doing trying to split my time between two loves that clearly deserve 100 percent of me. But I usually emerge from the funny farm with the same understanding each time~ This is a season of my life and there is truly no such thing as achieving a perfect balance.

So back to today and my ten years...This gathering of impressive people whom I adore proceeded to hold what I can only call a type of living funeral. What do I mean? I mean they said things that I could only hope to be 100 percent true about my work, my role in the company, and my character. Quite honestly I will spend the rest of my life trying to prove true many of the things said today. Such a nice problem to have, really.

I share this only to pass on my learning of the day which is this: Praise people. Call out the good in them that they may not have even noticed in themselves. Show appreciation of things large and small to your boss, your coworkers, your spouse and your children alike. Telling people what's best about them is an amazing opportunity to inspire them to live up to their potential. We are all in need of a little appreciation now and again~so let's be the ones to give it.


brees said...

Today I choose to praise you for helping me to try and be the best that I can be. For teaching me about patience and understanding even in very hard times. For showing me that it is "okay" to be a great employee and a great mom, I feel that pull also. And best of all too hold on to the 2 most precious things in my world, just a little bit tighter!!

jaci said...

Wow, is all I can say! I'm so lucky to know you. You just have a way that speaks to my heart. You are so inspiring.
I love you.

Jenny said...

You deserve every nice things they had to say and I have to say I am a little overwhelmed to follow you in my last two callings. It really isn't fair! You are one amazing lady!

Cannon Family said...

Wow! You're so inspring girl! Let's be honest, they'd be CRAZY not to do whatever they need to to keep you around! I'm glad things are going OK for you. I like being able to check in on you once in a while!

Des said...

Matt and Mindi-
I am so glad that Charlotte mentioned to me that you have a blog. I love this whole blogging world and being able to keep in touch with great people like yourselves! I'm so happy that McKay is doing well even with all of the challenges he is facing. Your boys are so adorable. We have a blog also. It's markanddes.blogspot.com if you want to check it out. Good luck with everything! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.