Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Progress

McKay continues to do well. They extubated him early this morning and he has been on a bit of oxygen since then to help him maintain his oxygen saturation which, by the way, I am glad to report is now in the upper 70s/low 80s. We haven't seen those kind of numbers since he was last in the hospital. Let's hope they hold.

McKay is still slowly coming to himself again. I thought my heart would break this morning when we walked up to his bedside and his wide eyes pleaded with me to scoop him up. Of course, I cannot hold him yet because of all the lines and tubes coming and going through his busy body. The best I could do was caress his cheeks and that seemed to be enough for now. He is steadily losing lines he does not need anymore and once they remove his chest tubes and the line threaded into his heart, he will be safe to hold. I doubt I'll let go for a long while.

He has been allowed to eat and is wowing the docs with his guzzling prowess. They tell me he should be able to eat for longer periods of time now that he is better oxygenated. That may mean he'll eat for long enough to get full and we can get off the every two to three hour eating schedule. That's good news for mom.

So today is all about slowly and surely. He is doing amazing well and we expect he will continue to impress. He is such a tough, stoic little man. I am constantly amazed by his ability to pull through the worst of scenarios in the best of conditions. Thanks again for all your well wishes. You give us such strength.
(Please forgive the cell phone pictures. We brought the camera, but forgot the cord. We'll post better pics soon :))


Lisanne said...

What a sweet little guy! Stay strong!

brees said...

Oh, he is so precious. Thank you for keeping us updated, I know that you have so much going on. We continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers, we pray for strength, patience, health, recovery and that you will be able to hold your little man soon! We love you all, you are great examples of courage, faith and love. I know that you didn't ask to be, but we appreciate your testimony and the many things that you have taught us during your trials! Brooke

johnsonfamily said...

We love the Cox family and feel blessed to know such amazing people. Little Mac couldn't have been sent to a more loving family. We pray for his continued progress and send lots of hugs your way.
Ben and Amy

jaci said...

McKay is looking awesome! Wow it is so amazing! We just love you guys! Praying for you everyday!

Sabrina said...

Mindi, He looks great! so alert and intense. Luna was so listless at this stage in the game.
It's Thanksgiving morning and I'm thinking of you guys in the hospital...they must cook up a special feast in the cefeteria?
Happy Thanksgiving~
love, Sabrina

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! McKay looks wonderful! I remember Quinn the same way with his sweet full face, those pressures. It is just great he's eating so well! Thanks for keeping us updated on your little man.

Lynn, Quinn's mom