Thursday, November 27, 2008

One to Remember

McKay's first Thanksgiving is one that will change our perspective on what it means to be thankful for years to come.

We were happy to walk in to a wide-eyed McKay early this morning. He seemed so much more alert; he has teased us with half smiles all day long, but hasn't given up a full blown grin just yet (and who can blame him).

The darling NP from cardio thoracic surgery stopped by to check his incision and agreed the dressing needed to be changed again. When she and her team started clean up little Mac's battle wounds they discovered another stitch may be needed to stop the mess making. That has seemed to do the trick today as we've been able to keep his chest clean thus far and assure him less of a Halloween vibe.

Following the clean up, two of McKay's chest tubes were removed and the line that went directly into his heart was also taken out. It was something to watch them pull all of that out of my sweet little guy. He is such tough stuff--as they cut the sutures and then slowly pulled out the tubes and line his beautiful little eyes would well up with tears, but then he stoically sucked it up and did not cry through the entire thing. Amazing. I wanted to moan and wail for him.

Best of all, we've been moved out of the ICU to the surgical unit. HOORAY! We've never been to this floor of the hospital before as we were discharged straight from the ICU last time. McKay is now resting in a cheerfully decorated room of his own; complete with a recliner and couch for mom and dad--BIG HOORAY!

We plan to head home for a minute to pick up the big brothers and bring them up for a quick look at their baby. Every time I call home Preston's first question is "How is McKay doing?" I think bringing them up here now will assure them he is in a good place, getting ready to come home.

Yes home. Are you ready for this? The doctors told us this morning that McKay is doing so well it is likely we will be discharged sometime this weekend. I cannot believe it. We had been told to plan on two weeks--McKay looks on pace to do it in as little as 5 or 6 days. Unbelievable.

If I didn't know it before, I know it now. McKay is an exceptional spirit. He has the power to unite people, put priorities in order, teach about true love, and what it means to fight for what matters most. I also know for sure that my little exceptional spirit will be exceptionally spoiled for the rest of his life. How could I possibly deny him anything after seeing him go through this?

In the PICU we roomed next to a two year old recovering from a different heart/lung operation. We listened to him sob, crying out for mom, then dad, then both. At one point he began to get out of bed. It gave us a glimpse of things to come. I pray the Lord will help me prepare McKay for these necessary experiences in his life. I hope He can take the fear away and replace it with a quiet trust and understanding. This will be my next prayer.

For this Thanksgiving I am full of gratitude for all the blessings that are mine. For the sweet men in my life. All four of them. Man, they are a lot of work; but oh how I love them. I am thankful for modern medicine and understanding big brothers. For living close to so much family and the many ways they rescue me. For old friends and new ones, near and far. For those who understand what we're going through and for those who, thankfully, will never have to. I am blessed to be a mother who can look over to a sweet child finally at peace after a hectic morning of experiences no one his size should ever know and be assured, 100 percent, that we are meant to be together. For this I am grateful.


wylie said...

The updates are so wonderful and full of such good news! We are of course still praying for you, thinking of you very often during the day.

Marshelle said...

This is such great news and I can't stop thinking about you and your family. It is a happy Thanksgiving and you captured your thoughts, as usual, with eloquence and inspiration. You never cease to amaze me, McKay must have inherited many of your traits. Thank you for the updates and know you and your cute family are in my prayers. Happy 1st Thanksgiving McKay!