Monday, January 5, 2009

Worth the Wait

It was a long day of waiting, but I think our worries are taking a promising turn. We finally got a call from the pediatrician's office later than expected tonight requesting some further tests for Mr. McKay. Matt was dispatched to collect the "sample" kit and we were instructed to pick up some special concoctions from the hospital pharmacy early tomorrow and add them to McKay's meds as soon as possible. (Apparently no regular pharmacies have the stuff tonight.)

And while I was not able to actually speak to the doc about what today's meeting of the minds concluded, the course of action seems to indicate a leaning toward something infectious rather than physiological. YEA! I will take germ issues over broken or leaking parts any day.

Of course, I'm sure we'll find out more in the days to come when the tests get back and we see what's causing McKay's little body to behave this way. I am so glad we are starting our mystery-solving with the non-invasive stuff first. Of course, I'm not the poor babe swaddled in a saran wrap-lined diaper tonight--it's for the sample. Oh the things we do for our babies!

Thank you for your prayers and concern. I truly believe we can and do will things to happen, for better or worse. And I'm certain your will has brought untold blessings into our lives. XOXO


Jenny said...

Really? Saran Wrap? Does that help with the leaking? My pediatrician told me with Stockton to put liquid Maylox on his poor burned butt. It was an antacid so it helped with the burning. You may want to try it. I sure everyone is full of advice so take mine for what it is worth! Good luck and I hope the meds work. I've been thinking about you all day.

wylie said...

Thanks for the update...we've been waiting and checking hoping to hear. BIG SIGH, non-invasive is good, you are all in our prayers and thoughts very constantly. Lots of love your way! I wish I could take some of your anxiety and worry off your care-worn-heart.

Michele said...

So glad to hear things are not as bad as you thought! I too wonder if we will ever not constantly worry about our little babes! They are going to prematurely age us! What an INCREDIBLE gift to have your blog dropped on your doorstep in a book!! Do you know who they printed it through? I heard is not doing it anymore and people don't really know where to go now.

pops said...

"I say, NO! I am not doing this. He's been fine. He'll be fine."

Inspiring, Mindi. You're awesome. Keep the faith!

- Chris Kendrick