Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Five Fabulous Months

Five months of growing
Five months of teaching
Five months of firsts
Five months of faith
Five months of worry
Five months of victories
Five months of cuddles
Five months of kisses
Five months of holding on
Five months of letting go
Five months of hope
Five months of healing
Five months of prayers
Five months of love
Five months of amazing grace

A lifetime to go…

Today we celebrate the first five months of our time with Mr. McKay. If I could bottle his spirit, I’d give it to you. If I could capture his scent, I’d send it to you. If I could wrap up the warmth of his cheeks, I’d surround you in it. If I could fill you with his giggle, you’d never stop smiling. He is a miracle. My miracle. Our miracle. The Lord’s miracle. I am so glad he’s mine.


LaTour said...

Mindi he is gorgeous! I just adore your family...Tyler and Preston are amazing kids as well and I love when I am able to be with them. I think you are so awesome and brave and... just amazing! Congrats to McKay on 5 months...and to you!

Jenny said...

I bet 5 months ago it was really hard for you to imagine where you would be today. I am so glad McKay is thriving and he is such a blessing to so many. I know we have felt his spirit in our home as we have prayed and fasted for him. I think he will be like another brother to my boys because he is often spoken of by them. Thanks for sharing him with us even though we rarely get to see him. I look forward to when that changes! I expect lots of play dates in the future!

wylie said...

Happy five months McKay! We love you, we think of you often and pray for you a lot.

Welch TLC said...

Beautiful expression and tribute to Mr. McKay! We love your blog,it keeps our perspective in check and joy in our hearts for God's tender mercies.
Hugs and kisses,
The clevelaners

jaci said...

Wow 5 months already! Doesn't it fly by?! I hate it! I want them to stay small forever! He is such a doll and such a sweet blessing to everyone around him. A true miracle.
I just want to kiss his cheeks off!
Love ya, Jaci