Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Math Homework

I always did pretty well in math, but I never really enjoyed it. In fact I dropped AP Calculus to join the Newspaper Staff. Unfortunately math haunts me everywhere I go these days. Here are some math problems that make my head hurt:

1 Baby+
5 medications
(1 medication must be given twice a day, with doses 12 hours apart
2 medications must be given 3 times a day but at least two hours apart from each other)=

Answer: Hmmm?

Here's another:

1 surgeon +
Approximately 16 years of post-high school education+
5 hours of work on an itty bitty heart=

$20, 851.72 for the surgeon (This is the fee for just one of the two surgeries he did that day...And he's worth EVERY penny!)
$4,216.00 for the anesthesiologist
$50, 574.87 for the facility

Answer: Stay in school. Become a surgeon. OR...Double check your insurance coverage.

Now that you're warmed up, here's the biggest head scratcher of all:

How can a baby that looks like this on the outside possibly have anything wrong on the inside? Riddle me that Batman, riddle me that.

Update: McKay is doing well today. Samples are collected. Tests are in progress. Medications are being administered. Prayers are ongoing. Premature aging of his parents: complete. :)


wylie said...
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wylie said...

That was a very creative post Mindi! I truly, truly hope you have fabulous insurance coverage. Even with insurance--co-pays, deductibles, and various percentages sure add up $$$ don't they. As if dealing with the surgery wasn't enough!!

Jenny said...

He looks like a perfect little baby to me! What a blessing modern medicine is. Sorry about the math problems! It's amazing how fast it can go. Hang in there with that darling little McKay.

Kristi said...

My word Mindi, you are CUTE! (

Kristi said...

Oh, and about the surgeon's fees, he'll probably collect about 10% of that....

Tawn said...

WOW! And YES! Worth every single penny! What a little DOLL! Love those chubby cheekers!!! MUAH!!!!

Sabrina said...

Ha-ha! That's great! and wow, McKay is a little hottie...he and Lu...can you imagine...oh it's so cliche, but it's gotta be said... they come together, each with 'half a heart' to form one:)

jaci said...

Oh Mind that is funny! You make me laugh. McKay looks so cute!

Jana said...

Mindi, I am so glad that it looks like an infection rather than a perfusion issue!! We have been praying for you guys!

Wendi Bench said...

I guess I can't complain about adoption costs when your little one is costing a pretty penny too. He is so stinkin cute Mind. XOXO

Emily said...

Mindi and Fam,
I am amazed that you still can find a sense of humor somewhere deep within! :0) I LOVE reading your blog. You are such an inspiration to all of those who know you. Thank you for that!! We love you, Cousin Em

Michele said...

That is the cutest picture!! How wonderful to be able to have him tube free!!