Sunday, May 4, 2008


It's Sunday night and I can't help but be a little reflective on days like today. Three gorgeous babies were blessed at church today. And as I sat there with my sweet boys around me I couldn't help but think about the blessing of our next little guy. Most likely it will take place within the first week of his life in the intensive care unit of Primary Children's hospital. I wondered today how all of the priesthood holders among the family and friends we'll want there will crowd into the space. At both Ty and Preston's blessings nearly 30 priesthood holders cradled my babies. I want that same show of strength and love for our son to come. They'd better make room!

During the blessings today my sweet Preston fell asleep in my arms (a miracle in and of itself if you know Preston!). I seriously cannot remember the last time he did that. I knew the Lord was sending me a hug and reminding me to cherish what I have while I have it instead of worrying about all that is to come.

Tonight I know the Lord has prepared us to face what lies ahead in very specific ways. Let me just start with the long list of details that absolutely give me the chills when I consider how great, specific, and knowing the Lord's plan is for us:

  • My home teacher and my bishop are both OB/GYNs and have offered to answer any of the endless questions we may have whenever we want them answered.
  • My sons' pediatrician just happened to be in the hospital the day the baby was diagnosed with HLHS and let us know that cardio was his specialty during his pediatric residency. He became our pediatrician more than five years ago when Ty was born on a blind referral from our birth coach. Can you believe the glory of God's plan?
  • Our sweet friends and neighbors, the King's, are unbelievably educated about the baby's condition because he works with artificial hearts and she is a former Primary Children's nurse. I spoke with her on Friday and she has shared just a little to prepare me. I can't imagine how we will pester them with questions in the months to come.
  • Matt's firm represents the doctors of the University of Utah and Primary Children's and the partners have already given us recommendations for surgeons and specialists we have yet to meet. (That relationship also makes the doctors we have met immediate friends with Matt~everyone loves their lawyer, right?)

Those are a few of the many "coincidences" that have come our way in the past six weeks. If I didn't know it before, I know it now. God knows us. He is aware of us. He sends us trials to strengthen us, but surrounds us in those trials with tender mercies that make it all bearable and witness that He is. I do not claim to understand the why's and how's of His plan, but I have faith in it and in His love for me and my family.

I read something today that said, "Faith is the opposite of fear." That motivates me to strengthen my personal faith so I can eliminate the fear I feel today and replace it with hope for all the miracles that are to come.

I am so grateful for the kind words and thoughtful support that has been offered by our friends and family. I cannot imagine going through this without you!


Allison said...

Well you must be LDS too! I can't believe how many of us there are with children who have HLHS. These babies really have special little spirits! Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you can think of! I remember being in your shoes like it was yesterday. It was scary, but it has turned out to be an amazing journey! You will be in our prayers!

jaci said...

You are amazing! I just knew that you would find the blessings in this trial. You are such a great example to me. I know Heavenly Father will bless you and your family for your faith in him. Always know that we are here for you. We love you.
Kraig and Jaci

johnsonfamily said...

I'm so glad you're blogging now. You're such an amazing person, I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I love and am praying for your little family.

kto1s said...


Lucky me to stumble across your blog in this small blogging world. You are quite simply AMAZING.

I'm SO sorry to hear of your struggles and trial, but am confident that of anyone I know--you and Matt will weather it with grace, strength and compassion. I love you dearly!

We are just 10 minutes from Primary's and the U and would love to watch your boys or do ANYTHING, ANYTIME. Please know how sincere my offer is. I still consider you a DEAR friend.

love, Katie (Irion) Owens