Thursday, April 24, 2008

"I smelled the bubblegum mom..."

Preston had surgery today at Primary Children's to remove a cyst from his right wrist. What a character! He thought the whole experience was a "party" and he's already asking when he can go back. When he came out of the anesthesia he just kept telling me, "I smelled the bubblegum, mom...I smelled the bubblegum." Apparently he chose to have bubblegum-scented anesthesia. He only cried when he wanted a new popsicle -- what a trooper! Here's few of our favorite shots from the day.


Kristi said...

YEA! Another blogging friend! I am excited to keep tabs on your sweet family. Your boys are DARLING and you keep getting more gorgeous by the day (NO FAIR) -- oh yea, and Matt is alright too :)..

jaci said...

Oh I'm glad it went good! ! What a little trooper! He is a doll. I'm glad it is over but it sounds like he wants to go back and do it again! Too funny!

Welch TLC said...

Matt and Mindi -
I took some time to read through your blog and catch up. First,I am so happy you have a blog! It is the best way to stay connected being so far away.
Second, I read and heard about Baby Cox's defect, I am praying for him and you both. My thoughts and best wishes are being sent your way daily.
Much love,