Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Bye Blue!

We visited Primary's today under much happier circumstances. Preston had his cast removed and incision checked. It all looks great. He is so happy to get the cast off so he can take showers again! They had to saw the cast off and I must say it was quite loud and frightening, but Preston smiled through the whole thing. He and Ty (who was as thrilled as any big brother would be to see a saw at work on the arm of his little bro) kept chanting, "Good bye blue! Good bye blue!" (That's what they called his tiny blue cast.)

In other baby news, I had a routine check up yesterday and all seems well. The nurse said I've definitely grown, but I could have told her that. The baby's heartbeat sounds great, but it was hard to get a good count because he kept kicking the machine. It was quite funny, actually. He's getting more active all the time and I'm sure he'll be just as spunky as his brothers.

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