Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sincere Thanks

Last night my husband returned alone to a quiet, darkened corner of the Ronald McDonald House here in Philadelphia. It's a ritual he practices every night. He waits until McKay falls asleep, kisses me goodnight, and leaves me to sleep on the plastic couch at McKay's bedside. It's a generous act; he gives up his place knowing just one parent is allowed overnight and I would only worry and call an obnoxious number of times to check on McKay if he were to stay.

But last night, he was the one to call.

"There is a package here," he said.

"It's full of goodies, and Thomas the Train toys, and cards."

"Wow," I responded. "Who is it from?"

"There must be a dozen cards here Mindi. This is really amazing."

And yes, it was.

I journey in my work life alongside some of the most exceptional human beings I have ever known. We are not just colleagues, we are community. We are confidants. We care--genuinely, sincerely, and deeply for each other. This gift was more than all of the thoughtful things and words packed inside; it was another evidence of the power and blessing I feel in my life from that very special place, so full of extraordinary people.

Thank you for your prayers O.C. Tanner. For this and so much more, we are beyond words.


brees said...

That is truly, so sweet! I am glad to hear he got a room at the Ronald McDonald house. How is Mac's fluid today???

PamO said...

Oh how I love the sight of those beautiful pink lips! Still praying for you all!
Heart hugs,