Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo, Boo, Boo

Halloween (which is now a week instead of a day, in case you haven't heard) has been going very well.

Ty had his first piano recital which he did in costume (and which he rocked).

You got to love a six-year old with a deep bow.

We hosted our annual all Hallow's sugar cookie and soup night (which made us all a little more roll than rock, but these cookies are WORTH it).

My Three Musketeers made their debut and proved more shiny and sweet than even their chocolate-covered counterpart.

(I see a future in politics for this one.)

(And perhaps law enforcement for this one...)

But just when all seemed well, the phone rang. It was Friday at 5 o'clock. What could possibly go wrong? The results of McKay's labs from earlier this week were in and while everything seemed okay, the cardiologists today discussed possible solutions to dealing with McKay's ever lowering sats. The consensus? His cardiologist presented two options: 1) Do another heart catheter to explore the possibility of further collateral veins diverting blood from Mac's heart and lungs. Another surgical procedure. Another sedation. Ughh. 2) Put McKay back on oxygen and see if he can't boost his sats into the high 70 percent range and hold it there with the tubes until he's ready for the Fontan (think at least 8 months). Double ughh.

The decision? The tubes are back. At least for now. We'll see how his body responds to the oxygen therapy over the weekend and make further decisions regarding a second cath sometime next week.

The biggest casualty of the night (aside from our false sense of security and complacency) was a new pair of pajamas I cut through the foot so I could thread the tubes in and out of his sleeper. I am paranoid my little toss and turn will get tangled up in the night.

Truly, I just want him to feel better. Little boy blue has given us a couple of good scares in the past few weeks. Let me just say I will never buy the kid a purple shirt--I'm not a fan of the color on him.

Please, please, please Lord watch over my baby and his doctors.


Sabrina said...

Praying for you Mindi-you and McKay. I'm no expert, but maybe tell the drs to do another echo and look down the body-toward the other organs. That's all I can think-that one of those collaterals has sprung it's way down to the kidney. (Like in the other boy I told you about).
how early will they do the Fontan? it might be better for you to all get on the other side earlier-much earlier.
Prayers, hugs, kisses, and good healthy-high-sats-vibes coming your way.
Sabrina & Lu

brees said...

Oh man Mindi, what a pain! We are praying for the little man, and the doctors, that they will figure out the best thing to do, and quickly!!!

Kyle and Alli said...

The Musketeers costumes are so great! That stinks to have O2 full time again...welcome back tubes and annoying concentrator hum. I hope that he responds to some oxygen and that Cardiology can figure out the reasoning soon. Happy Halloween!

Lisanne said...

Your Musketeers are darling! Wish you guys the best and we will remember McKay in our prayers!

Marshelle said...
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Marshelle said...

Your three musketeers are darling! And your sugar cookies just as great. I'm so sorry to hear that your littlest musketeer is back on oxygen. I will send a prayer or two or three his direction and hope you have a fun Halloween. If I'm not mistaken, are those MY pj's? Regardless, they look cute on him! Best witches, Marshelle

likeschocolate said...

Sorry the tubes are back, but you must be proud of your son. That is so fantastic that he can play the piano. I wanted to my sons to go as the thee Muskateers, but my 10 year old wouldn't go for it. Happy Halloween!

The Simmons Family said...

Oxygen isn't so bad! Ha. I am working on weaning Owen this week. He's been on it for over a year and I am D-O-N-E!

I agree.. purple is NOT a good color for our boys.

Praying for you McKay, you're a trooper!

jaci said...

Darling costumes Mindi! We are praying for little McKay, and hope they kind find some answers for you soon!
Love ya

Ryan and Hilary said...

Love the three musketeers, what a great costume. I also agree with you on the Halloween being a week long even instead of one night. I have decided no more high maintenance costumes. We will be keeping Mr. Mckay in our prayers. I pray that the doctors will find a solution. We are taking baby steps in the right direction. Love the idea of the hole in the bottom of the pj's that is my biggest fear at night having Daxton wrapped up in his GTube cord. You are an amazing mother!! Sending lots and lots of prayers your way.
xoxxo Hilary Cook

Kimberly said...

Our prayers are with you. Your strength and attitude amaze me.

Cason Clan said...

Hey, Ellie's mom here. We deal with O2 everynight and it is scary. We actually put the cord around her ears and in front so it doesn't go around her neck. Then we have button down pjs for her. But that would work with the sleepers. It's hard to find button down pajamas the older she gets. Now I can try the sleepers and just put a hole in it. Oh, the hum of the concentrators. Don't know if I could sleep without it now. Hopefully it can get his stats back up. Becca

Whitney said...

McKay has a real hold on me. I love him a lot. My prayer is for more uneventful days ahead after this blue spell gets addressed. xo

michele.sobek said...


Your boys looked adorable. Prayers are with you and your family.

Please keep us updated.


Patti said...

I totally agree, politics and law-enforcement. Bugger that Mr. Mac is back on the tubes. Keep up the courage. Many prayers are with your family.

Jenny said...

So sorry about the oxygen. That must be discouraging. I hope McKay is adjusting to it again. And, I read your Howling at the Moon post and I just can't imagine what life is like in your house right now. I imagine you will sleep again someday! Until then I guess you will get to "literally" enjoy every second of McKay's babyhood:). I think that is what we all say but don't REALLY mean. Hang in there.

♥ Michele ♥ said...

I'm with you...oxygen UGH! Cath....DOUBLE UGH!! Oh Mindi...this is one roller coaster ride that never ends does it? He is still such a darling little guy!! Thinking and praying for you and your darling family.