Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday: A Sudden Departure

I am home and able to post on this glorious Labor Day because I did not leave our family vacation a day early. After wrestling McKay for two sleepless nights in the family cabin near Flaming Gorge, I did not cry uncle and through exhausted eyes announce that the baby and I were driving home. Tonight. Not me!

Nevermind it was a day early. Nevermind that my decision to pursue sleep in softer sheets meant Matt would have to accommodate the wishes of our two eldest who would never leave the land of rocks and sticks a minute earlier than originally promised. Nevermind that it meant Matt would sit in between our two blabber mouths and their car seats in the sort-of-a-backseat of his dad's pickup for the 2 1/2 hour ride home. (Yes. He is a SAINT.) Yes, nevermind indeed because I need more than three hours of highly interrupted sleep to function, let alone manage perky.

No, I would never assume my in-laws could forgive such a sudden departure. Except, of course, if I (and McKay's red eyeballs and constant whine) announced our plans so matter-of-factly that no discussion was required. Really, McKay is cute, but after a solid 36 hours of off but mostly on crying, they too found the strength to wave bye-bye.

I would regret the decision a little more had we not had such an amazing night of sleep last night and were McKay not sleeping so soundly through his morning nap. ~Sigh~ Sometimes exiting stage left is all one can do to preserve a little sanity.


Lisanne said...

Don't feel bad, we did the same a couple of weeks ago while in Park City. Ry and I couldn't take another night wrestling Scott in our hotel room. So we grabbed sleeping girls from the beds and headed home a day early. They woke up and were fine we were already home! Nothing is better than a good nights sleep!

Jenny said...

No outing is worth no sleep. Good for you! A sleeping baby is a happy mom! I am starting to panic a little about our Disneyland trip in 3 weeks. I am planning for a few bad nights followed by Mason giving in to his surroundings. Let's hope for the best!

Emily said...

I love it. I have to admit that I considered leaving my in-laws cabin this weekend when both babies cried at 5:45 a.m., waking each and every one of my children who did NOT go back to sleep. There was much weeping and wailing (by every member of our family) the rest of the day. Good for you!

jaci said...

I would have done the exact same thing!! You are a smart girl! Matt is a good guy, sometimes you just need to take one for the team!
Wow! I remember our good times at the trailer! That was so much fun! Did I have Kaden then? I can't remember, I think I did, cause I remember not getting much sleep How time flies! I just love you!

Lisanne said...

I am in need of another runner for our Marathon relay on Saturday the 12th. Someone dropped out this week. It is only a 5th of an entire marathon, cake for you. Let me know if that would be something you are interested in!!

likeschocolate said...

Man with a title like that you had me scared. I thought something had happened to McKay.