Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost and Found

Sometime in mid-August I put this journal of a blog down and ran outside to play. Although I found it once to commemorate the culmination of McKay’s rookie season, that little (but important) post was the beginning and the end of it. I think—make that I know—that it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t find my blog as I was wrapped up in celebrating and adjusting and transitioning through a glorious season that kept us out of doors and away from keyboards.
This summer has been a season of fondant-covered firsts,

and parties overflowing with people we could never be without.

A season of painted faces,

and snow cone tongues stained the color of summer bliss.

A season of brothers and bounce houses.

A season of special new cousins born on the very day so many angels were gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to our cherub that we believe
one tumbled down to stay.

Welcome little Izaac Shane. We are honored you would make your debut on McKay’s first birthday and look forward to the many more you will share in the years and years and years to come.

A season of school days where angels just a bit older and leaner are ready far too soon to spend the day away from mom. Where bells and lunch and recess and the color of your pencil box makes the world go round.

A season of unrestrained sunshine and answered prayers.

More adventures to come...


brees said...

You have truly been blessed with such amazing boys, big and small! You are a wonderful wife, mother and neighbor!!

Jenny said...

We so wish we could have come to McKay's party. What a cutie he is. Please know that we have celebrated all of him many accomplishments all year long. Thanks for letting him bring us all so much joy!

The Simmons Family said...

Your writing is amazing!! I love reading your posts. McKay's birthday cake was awesome.. did you post that before? Answered prayers indeed!!

Katie said...

Such a cute party & love that cake!!! You are such a talented writer, I just love reading your blog :)