Monday, December 15, 2008

My Babe

Dear Matt,

Well here we are. 10 years later. Tomorrow marks a decade of married life together and I just have to let you (and the world) know how much this anniversary means to me.

Truth be told, we've now spent half of our lives together. Who would have guessed 16 years ago those two kids having their spectacular first kiss under the stars in the chilly canyon night would turn into an eternal family. Oddly enough, I think something in us knew. Why else would we have been so patient, so steady, so non-high-school-like with each other through those early years? Remember how we used to say, "This feels like forever"? It still does.

Knowing you are the love of my life is an impression that grows stronger every day. I truly want to be with you ALL the time. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I can't think of anything I do that isn't better when you're there. You are a gift to me.

Have I told you that I think you are the best dad in the world? Our boys adore you. This past year I have seen you love them, fight for them, protect them like the hero they think you are. You love them, you teach them, respect who they are, and include them in so much of what you do. They know they are important to you. You don't just tell them that. You show them. And it's that example that will make them into fathers just like the one you are. There is nothing that would make me more proud. They hold you on a pedestal and you earn it--day in, day out.

We have grown what feels like a lot older and a lot wiser this year when it comes to understanding things that really matter. Your support, your love, your knowing looks, and calm hugs have saved me. You have taken what was good about us and helped make it great. I would not have survived this roller coaster without you. You are not my rock; you are my mountain.

I want you to know I am happy. Really deep down in my soul happy. You are a HUGE part of creating that happiness and constantly reminding me where to find it. Thank you for sharing your life with me, for being a true partner in every sense, for respecting me--flaws and all, and for helping me see so much goodness all around us.

I love you in more ways than I can express and look forward to so many more years of us getting to know each other. I chose you. And I choose you every day. I feel so blessed that God chose us.

Forever yours,


Marshelle said...

Happy 10th anniversary Mindi and Matt. I can't wait to meet Matt one day, he sounds so wonderful and he has a wonderful wife! I hope you are able to celebrate your anniversary in great style and that you have a great day! Love ya!

Lisanne said...

So sweet! Where did 10 years go? I swear just yesterday we had a Gamma meeting!!

jaci said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow! can you believe it has been 10 years! Aren't we still young?! I think you were made for each other...such wonderful people!
Love ya,

LaTour said...

Congrats on 10 years! You two are the cutest couple! What a good example to the rest of us. Also- Mindi you are the most amazing write- I love reading your entries. You are the best!

brees said...

Happy Anniversary! WOW! I agree that you are both such strong, sweet, wonderful, smart people. You truly deserve each other, you make me want to strive to be a better wife and mother! Thank you.

Kristi said...


I am happy to have witnessed most of your mushy courting years. You two are darling. Congrats.