Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paprika, But Not For Long

A couple of weeks ago I read another mom’s blog entry about how she was ready to get her spice back. The entire time I was reading I was thinking, “Yeah, me too. I’m ready to be spicy again.”

For some reason that metaphor has not left me and tonight I find myself at the solid realization that if I were to classify myself as a spice today I’d be Paprika. Why Paprika? Because Paprika looks fancy. It brings everything together. It is even bright red like it may have some kick to it. But we all know that Paprika is near useless as a spice, more like a decorative seasoning.

Oh, my mom and I have argued about Paprika. “Put some Paprika on it Mindi; the recipe calls for paprika.” No mom. I’m not adding Paprika. It’s just the principle of the thing. It does nothing.

What spice do I hope to be? I’m not looking to get greedy like say a Chili Powder—I don’t need to walk into a room and take over. But I do want to get enough of a distinctive flavor back that you know when I’m missing…maybe Cumin or Curry. No. Not Curry. In college I lived upstairs from a family that cooked with Curry incessantly and their kitchen vented through my closet. No, not Curry.

This is all a strange and pointless exercise, but the fact is that I actually scolded my hubby tonight for breathing too annoying close to my ear. How dumb is that? Cumin would never do that. Even worse, I am still bugged about it as I type. I need an outlet. I need some spice. I think I’m declaring 2009 the year of the spice—and I’m going to find me some.


Hilary said...

I think you are so seriously cute. I love your posts. Thanks for entertaining me while I wait to do Daxtons midnight meds.. Love it!!

jaci said...

You must read c jane too! I love it! I hope you find the spice you like! You're so funny! I think I need a little spice in my life also, I was so snippy last night at everyone. I need somewhere I can vent all of my frustrations! We need a girls weekend away, far away! Love ya Mind!
By the do you know c jane's husband? I saw that he left a comment a while back? Just curious.

Lisanne said...

Too funny! Ryan and I have been talking about the same thing. I think it is called we are now in our thirties! Ugg! It is just to bad I can't even live up to my last name!
Lisanne "Pepper"

Jenny said...

I am pretty sure I am paprika as well. I really don't feel too spicy at the time of my life! You have motivated me.

Likes Chocolate said...

Hilarious! I am chocholate all the way. Could be nothing else. I am devoted. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Aimee said...

What about White Pepper? It looks harmless enough. It sounds harmless -- pepper? Everyone knows what pepper tastes like. But then when you put it in your food, WOW! It has way more strength than anyone ever realized.

Don't you think after going through your life trials, it makes you White Pepper?

Kristi said...

I think I still got some spice... : )