Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After nine months of speech therapy, we have a peep -- sort of. This will be more of a skimming than a deep dive, but there is progress to report so drum roll please...

Mac continues to refuse, abstain, find irrelevant or pointless any attempt at verbal communication. But miracle of Easter miracles, McKay made the sign for "eat" while handing me a package of marshmallow peeps from his basket on Easter morning. I was so surprised I had to confirm with Matt that he had just seen the same thing I had -- McKay's tiny fist coming to his lips to make the sign for eat while handing me the candy. And while I asked, the stinker did it again. And again. He was becoming increasingly agitated with our lack of response to the request, so in spite of the fact that it was 7:3o in the morning, I ripped open the sweets and handed him the sticky little bird. He smiled, did a little happy dance and then proceeded to carefully lick the prize.

Since that surprise Sunday, signs for "more," "please," "baby," along with his versions of "cereal" and "cracker" have all made their way onto the scene. Some very thoughtful and aggressive "yes" and "no" head nods when we ask "this or that" have also proved helpful.While not quite enough tools to have a conversation, the signs are meeting some basic needs. Not the least of all answering the growing concern that he is indeed capable of imitation and a communicative exchange.

It's time to seek some more complete answers and we've lined up a team of additional specialists to add to McKay's support system. We'll be making our initial visits over the next week and hope to be encouraged by new learning, strategies and resources for our guy. Because although Mother's Day with three little men was just about as sweet as it gets, there is no getting around the heartache of still waiting to hear McKay's voice holler "Mom!" like any proper two year old misfit should. We know he's got it in him, we just need to find the right way to bring it out.


Kyle and Alli said...

Who knew it would be the Peeps that gave sweet McKay the motivation to communicate! I am with you... I would have ripped open that package and done a happy dance right along with him! If you learn any interesting techniques on communication, please share! We have a few consistent signs and mama, dada, and Grant's own version of gma and gpa, but that is about as far as he wants to take the whole verbal communication thing! I am cheering for you all and hoping that maybe McKay can inspire Grant, who is very expressive, I just have yet to formally learn his grunting language!



Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site.
Mckay is Strong, Determined, and Courageous Fighter. He is Brave Warrior, Smilen Champ, and an Inspirational Hero. Sometimes, it takes kids with disabilities or illnesses longer to talk. I am not sure Mckay has disabilities, but I do, and it took me to the age of five to talk.
I believe He will eventually talk, it just takes time. It is good he is starting to sign though.