Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rush for Summer

The Monday after we arrived home from our field trip to Philly, Matt said, "Look around. It's summer. We almost missed it."

It was true. Summer had a late start in Salt Lake this year and it was just beginning to warm up when we flew the coop. We sat silent as we drove past roadside vegetable stands, people in flip flops, and camping trailers clumsily making their way onto the road loaded down with a week's worth of fun.

"We're NOT going to miss this summer," Matt declared.

And so our mission to pack summer into a few short weeks began.

Because we've already had three weeks away from work and three weeks of time off is a lot of time away no matter where you've been, we've done our best to make the most of weekends for our summer fun. We caravaned the entire extended family up to Bear Lake and back, spent a late afternoon with friends at the water park, and, this weekend, we took the boys to the Green River.

The river is majestic - in absolutely every sense of the word. It rolls and tumbles and inspires deep breaths.

It's just the place for brothers to make memories with each other,

and a grandpa who will stop anything to spend time with them.
He makes them feel as special as they are.

Mac was more the beach goer than river runner this trip. He played hard. And remembered some good advice about an apple a day...

All tuckered out, McKay clutched this lucky apple for all it was worth; falling asleep in the sun, breeze, and sticky-sweet smell of fruit-drenched fingers.

Summer is a season of play. Of being together and stopping time to enjoy the sunshine. We're soaking it up. And the time together has been healing -- for all of us.


GG said...

Wow, so glad to see you having such a great time, living and and enjoying life with your family...
McKay looks so healthy and the other boy's so happy...glad your all together again and I wish you
health and happiness always..

brees said...

Mac looked so great tonight! It's great to see you all out together. I had a funny chat with Preston. He couldn't understand why "I took Isaac." I told him I was holding Boston, he said, "nope, where's Staci?? Why do you have Isaac??" It was funny. He told me he just graduated, it's okay though, he and Ty wont have homework until 3rd grade. I told him Abbey would have a lot of homework, she was starting 6th grade. "Why would she do that?? That's funny. She should try 3rd grade!!" When he was all done he said, "well bye" and waived and walked off. So happy. He his the sweetedst little spirit, I just love him.