Sunday, May 23, 2010

Philly Bound

Area codes 215 and 267 have become the trigger for the swarm of butterflies that acts up in my gut from time to time. They're numbers that showed up frequently on my phone last week; all calls that culminated with a whopper from CHOP's scheduling office on Friday afternoon.

July 7: 9:30 am
pre-surgery labs and echo

July 9:
Fontan operation

That's what we know. We'll plan to it and prepare as best we can. We feel certain relief and extreme anxiety all rolled up into an eerie calm. So many details confirm that this is the right path for Mr. Mac. And as much as this is a roller coaster ride for us, it really is McKay's journey to take. We consider it our privilege to accompany him.

Lead on little one.


Jenny Lincoln said...

I've been "lurking" around your blog for awhile now and I thought it was time to introduce myself. My name is Jenny and my daughter Aly has HLHS and has the same surgical treatment plan as your son. We are post-Glenn. I totally know what you mean about the area code. Everytime 734 comes up on my phone, my stomach drops to the floor. Will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers as McKay's fontan approaches.

The Butlers said...

Oh Mindi, I am happy for you and Little Mac that some details have been finalized to move forward on your journey. I wish the best for you and that cute little guy. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers each night.

brees said...

We are thinking of you, as always! That tough little man of yours will do great. Let us know if we can help with the boys, we would love too!

GG said... glad to see a post and a wonderful picture of your darling of luck .

Patti said...

Your boys all looked so handsome yesterday! Prayers and good luck on your family's behalf.

Jenny said...

It must feel good to have a plan. Love the pic!

jaci said...

Oh Mindi! I have been thinking about you! We really need to get together and talk! I miss you! I know things are crazy right now, but lets plan something. We could even get together for lunch if that works better for you. Let me know. I can't believe the day is scheduled! I want to help, so please let me!
Talk to you soon.

The Simmons Family said...

I'm nervous for you. It'll be great to get the Fontan done and out of the way! Hopefully Mckay will feel better and be O2 free! See, now I'm excited for him.

Good Luck and I'm sure you'll keep us posted as the date gets closer

michele.sobek said...

McKay will lead on and do great. Prayers and good wishes are going your way.

Jeff and Andee said...

Mindi...You certainly have a way with words. I gave birth to a baby girl, Gracelyn, in December with CHD. Several times, as I have read other blogs, I have come across yours. Your words have touched me like no other blogs I have read. A month ago I read your post, the one your wrote right before his cath. I cried all day. You wrote what I have been so afraid to say, but have felt. My daughter went to Primary's the day after McKay for a cath. You are right, it doesn't get easier. I read your post today about the fontan. We just got our date for her Glenn. Again what you wrote, "We feel certain relief and extreme anxiety all rolled up into an eerie calm," expresses exactly what I feel. I don't know that just anyone could understand what it is to feel that. Thank you for your blog. Through it I find strength. Best of Luck! We will be praying for your little man.

Stefenie said...

Saying mnay prayers for all of you!!!

♥ Michele ♥ said...

Caught up on some of your posts. What darling family photos! I hope all the best for your little one with the upcoming surgery!

Thinking of you today.

Dawn said...

Mindy, you are a shining star! Our prayers are with you and our wish is for your little family to have a little paradise of calm after you and your family are on the other side of this next surgery. We all love you and pray for a speedy recovery for McKay. Smooches to all of you.

Much Love,

The Armstrongs

PamO said...

I can totally relate to the whole area code on the caller ID! Our son, Zach, is having his Fontan on July 7 at MUSC in Charleston, SC. I will be praying for you guys and following your blog to check up on McKay's progress.
Heart hugs and blessings,

Sabrina said...

Mindi, I have been thinking of you...the Fontan is almost here. The whole thing was so quick for us (OK, Luna)...McKay is going to amaze you...and it's a good time for husband's birthday is July 10:) and there's a lunar eclipse happening just prior, which I don't really know what that means, but I'm deeming it's a good thing:)

The post-Fontan world is an amazing place devoid of sat monitors and blue lips...I can wait for all of you to join us here:)!


Summer said...

Haven't checked in in quite a while......this is huge news! I was also very impressed w/ chOP, and DR SPRAY was one of the BEST I found in all of my research. You will be in great hands! But why won't Primary's do it?

Best of luck and you are in my prayers.

Mason's Mommy

Kristi said...

Thinking, thinking, thinking about you my friend...

michele.sobek said...

Thinking and praying. Please keep us posted.

Remember, you all are loved so much!