Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Bliss

January and February are rampant with birthdays in our clan. After just finding enough places to shove the toys from Christmas, I always grin and bear it when more plastic is unwrapped in the months following. Such is life in three-boy suburban bliss.

Tyler and Preston's birthdays were especially fun this year.
Ty chose to have a mad scientist party-- complete with a working volcano cake created by the ever-talented Aunt Hilary (more about her later).

The scientist was funny and smart and knew just the right things to get a room full of
seven-year olds giggling.

And it's hard to beat melting a mannequin head with acetone as a party game for boys.

Preston's party was all about pirates. We loaded up 15 kiddos and hauled them all down to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum to run amuck.

It went surprisingly well. But I guess when you not only give permission, but encourage five year olds to swing swords and shout like a pirate, things usually go your way.

And of course, there was another fabulous Aunt Hilary creation to devour.

Birthdays really are the BEST.

**More on Aunt Hilary and her yummy, yummy cakes (they actually taste as amazing as they look--made from scratch with the best of everything you always talk yourself out of buying): She just opened up a baked creation business called ICED~so you can get fabulous cakes now too! Contact her through Facebook or via email: and let the party begin!**


Marshelle said...

What a cute idea for a birthday party! You have got to be one of the most creative and incredible mom I've ever met. Great cakes! Happiest of birthdays to your boys!

Becca said...

You have a lot of energy for those fun parties. The cakes were absolutely adorable!

Becca-Ellie's mom

Lisanne said...

Preston's smile in the pirate hat is the best! Will you call me when you get a minute? Looks like I am running the ragnar and I have a couple questions!!

likeschocolate said...

looks like the parties were a hit!