Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now Hear This

This was going to be a smug entry about how prepared I was to meet our newest doctor today. How I ordered McKay’s complete medical history. How I tabbed out all the relevant visits. How I documented the timeline his last six months of near continual antibiotics and how this entire ear fiasco has now reached its crescendo in an inexcusably late visit to him, a specialist. In short, I was obnoxiously over prepared for our visit with the ENT today.

Instead of inspecting the oh-so-impressive paperwork I had prepared, we chatted. He scribbled notes and I rattled off procedure dates and recounted courses of medications. We talked about events to come this year and how important it was that Mac had the option of antibiotics that work when he needs them and a body that has not been so overexposed it refuses to cooperate. Then he took a good long look into Mac's tiny ears.

And the verdict is…

Tubes. After taking McKay’s history, our new specialist agreed we needed to check this little complication off our big guy’s list. Then he impressed me. Most docs, it seems, don't like to share. Procedures. Operating rooms. Focus. But he asked if I had any objections to doubling up on procedures when they sedate McKay for an echocardiogram in the next month or two. Absolutely not. The less anesthesia episodes the better. It was a move that showed his humility and respect for Mac’s heart...and mine. Love that.

More details~Because of the fluid that is constantly behind McKay’s eardrum, the doctor estimates he is experiencing a 30 decibel or 20-30 percent hearing loss that could be immediately reversed with tubes. We talked about his speech delay and other developmental milestones that have come and gone. "He'll catch up," he said. "Don't worry."

Beyond eliminating the physical pain of constant ear infections for McKay, on a selfish note, I just want to hear his voice. I’ve waited entirely too long and worried entirely too much about this little man not to have earned a word or two. I think hearing him spurt out “mama” will make an absolute mess of me.

So here’s to plans of action. To trusting. To hoping. To hearing. And, of course, to “mama.”
Update: I just spoke with the hospital. Cardiology and Otolaryngology have agreed to coordinate McKay’s next sedated echo and his ear tube surgery next Thursday, Jan. 21. Less talk. More action. Gotta love that.


Marshelle said...

Oh, it is so good to hear you have found a caring specialist for McKay. Yeah for good, caring and educated doctors. I can't wait to read the upcoming post where you'll share McKay's first word with the world! You certainly deserve to hear it!

Kyle and Alli said...

Wow! You were completely prepared! That is one extensive medical history! I am glad to know that the tubes surgery will be done in conjunction with his echo...that should make life a little easier!

wylie said...

I for one am impressed with how prepared you were the visit, way to go Mindi! It will be so good for McKay to be hearing and talking; you've all waited, I'll vote for "Mama" to be the first word =)

wylie said...

. . . AND (one more thing) I'm relieved that he will have one less sedated experience and that you will go through one less sedated experience with him. Thank you to the new doctor!!

Whitney said...

BRAVO! Progress ahead. You are a good mama.

Becca said...

I wonder if you have Dr. Park. He is the doctor following Ellie's tumor. He and Dr. Everitt have coordinated several times to have things done at the same time. If it is, we love him. Anytime the get two done at one time, priceless. Good luck!

Becca-Ellie's mom

Patti said...

I'll say a little prayer for you that all goes well. I love Mackay, and his mama.