Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If, at any time, I worried...

McKay was the one in need of protection...

Clearly, I was wrong.
He is King of the Takedown.
Brothers beware.

(Smotha-your-Brotha Laugh Fest, Thanksgiving 2009
@ Grandma Sheri's house.)


Marshelle said...

SO CUTE! That little tyke has some real superman qualities! Good warning to his brothers. I love the last photo of McKay laughing hysterically! Way to capture those cute moments.

wylie said...

That is so hilarous!! Watch out Ty and Preston, although I'm sure they already have plenty of experience being tackled.

GG Marshelle's Mom said...

Merry Christmas
Your boy's are just so darling..that McKay is so full of life...his personality just shines.
Enjoy what we have today, none of us know what tomorrow will bring, young or old...every day is a gift...
I have this little plaque hanging on my bathroom wall, right next to the sink where I brush my teeth ..I read it every day.
This is what it says,

Do remember to forget
Anger, worry and regret
Love while you've got love to give
Live while you've got life to live
Piet Heim

Happy New Year...