Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gracie Girl Gets a Heart!!

HALLELUJAH! Our darling heart friend and hero Gracie did not have to wait long for the phone call that will change and save her life. After being listed for her transplant on Wednesday, her sweet family got the magic, tragic, nerve rattling, hope-filled call just a few hours ago (Saturday night) that a heart was available for Gracie.

As much as we cheer and pray and then cheer and pray some more for this remarkable family, it is not my place, nor my privilege to tell this little fighter's story. Please check Gracie's blog for all the details in the days and months to come. What a miracle.


Annie K said...

That is awesome. Faith and prayer really work.

jaci said...

Wow! I just got the news! Thanks for keeping me updated! How many emotions can a family take? I pray things will go well for sweet Gracie, so she will be able to smile again real soon!
Love you guys!